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March 2019

Wedding Updates~

✅ JP Seeing that friends around me are having a hard time securing a JP for their wedding (Ps: their wedding in 6-8 months)I just thought i should try my luck and managed to secure one of the really popular JP for my date so yay 🎊🎉#dayrebrides ✅ Live Band confirmed too!

January 2019

Wedding Checklist

✅ Venue✅ Bridal Studio✅ Make up artist (PWS + AD)✅ Photographer (PWS + AD)🔜 Prewedding Gown Selection in April🔜 Prewedding Photoshoot in June🔜 Confirm live band! To do:⭕️ Wedding Band ⭕️ Wedding invitation card⭕️ Props for PWS?Progressively checking off the big tickets for this wedding 💸 Really glad that we have been saving up together (in a separate bank acct) for awhile; not a need to dug into my bank acct for the time being.#dayrebride #dayrebrides

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If a stranger like me could feel the heartache in the loss of a talented young man; how much more pain does his family and friends have to go through? 珍惜眼前人。

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Bridal Studio ✅

Officially a #digiobride 🎉🥳👰🏻Finally strike off another big item off the list.#dayrebrides #dayrebride

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