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Mother to a 🐉, 🐍 and 🐒

July 2019

My 3 year-old son told me during dinner that my soup is damn nice. 🙄Hope he doesn't use the word in front of other people.

June 2019

Making char siew today!! Hope it turns out well!!

May 2019

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Haven't had sashimi for a looooooong time!!! This is so good! Thank God for Ramadan. Many stores are giving discount!! Gonna order more soon.Need to see if there's bubble tea delivery or not. Hahah#sivarajlivingindubai

April 2019

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Our sleepy faces! Not sure why but this little one has been complaining about stomachache for the past few nights. He seems ok in the day and acts out only at night. Gave him colimix but doesn't seem to work. Last night was the worst. Had to hold him the whole night. He seems in pain when lying down. I'm so freaking tired.

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Trying something new! The water here is hard water so it's important to purify our hair at least once a week. Don't want to be botak!!! 😂

March 2019

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The Day We Met Playground Bullies

Walao... Went to the playground with the kids today. Some local kids bullied my kids by snatching the sticks they collected. My older boy tried to defend his younger bro and was pushed in his face and kicked on the leg by the main bully. I went to stop them. Before we left, the main bully called us Filipino. I was so pissed off with him (not for calling us Filipino) but with his relentless attempt to attack.

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