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Time check 4.28am

Should be resting more since I'm given the chance to but instead I'm wide awake.

Headed to the dentist and went to see a gp earlier on in the day. Got to meet a handsome Caucasian dentist 😍 was suppose to fill in the chip from the previous day (it chipped while I was eating Mentos fml) but I chose to smoothen the ends instead as the chip was too shallow so the filling might come off easily. THE VISIT WAS FOC!!!

GP though, said that I'm having throat inflammation which has been going on for a while now zz. I should rest more, drink more water and avoid spicy/fried food before it goes on to become a full blown lose-your-voice throat inflammation but I'm not doing a very good job at fulfilling the 3 points right now lol.

I should definitely be asleep now if not for the fact that Conan O'Brien distracted me?? AND I WON'T EVEN BE ABLE TO CLOCK IN 8H OF SLEEP LATER THANKS TO THE BED DELIVERY OMG

Dropped by #theclosetlover on the way back as it's new arrivals day!!!


Could have waited till I have shifts but nooooooo, XS WAITS FOR NO ONE. Was hoping that my parcel came too which did but I forgot to ask so I forgot to pick it up lol

Took what I have been eyeing to try but I ended up trying even more pieces than intended fml.

It's a bad move as the more I try, the more I wanna buy? Can really eat grass this month..

MY FAV ITEM FROM THE RESTOCK PILE! Sanna Floral Printed Top in Mustard!

Have been thinking about it since it was launched but I didn't get it then as I couldn't be bothered to travel down to town to try it? Then it was on BO which means all the more I wouldn't get it as I hate waiting. THEN IT WAS RESTOCKED ONLINE!!! But I didn't get it too as I wasn't sure how it looked like in real life. BUT NOW THAT I SAW IT AND I TRIED IT, I NEED IT!!!!

It's a little too V for my asset-less chest but I can make do with pulling it back from time to time, not something new anyway lol.

Pairing it with denim would work perfectly fine 💯 but I wanna pair it for smth more smart casual as well since I'll definitely wanna wear it to work in future if I can?

Yellow shades has really been catching a lot of my attention lately too, ever since the Estelle Top was launched 😍 it used to be the color I would avoid but not now, no no

MY FAV PIECE FROM THE NEW COLLECTION!! Evalia Embroidery Dress in Navy!

It's available in white too but I like the Navy piece more as the embroidery stands out better? The eyelet details at the sleeves are also a huge plus point for this as I love such subtle details?

Ok maybe not subtle persay but it's like a little "I wanna show but don't want to show" thing? I mean I love the Dallas Eyelet Hem Shorts too you get what I mean?


Can't decide whether to get this or not? Wearing my usual XS sizing and despite gaining a little weight recently, this is still loose at the waist which should fit nicely to show off my figure zz.

TRUMPET SLEEVES TOO!!! I love such cuttings as it's very cute imo and it makes me feel atas? Of course it might be a tad more troublesome when I eat but I can totally deal with it?

Absolutely loving how trumpet sleeves and similar cuttings are in trend now 🤤

Ok maybe it's not trumpet sleeves but bell sleeves? The end of the sleeves where my wrist is at would be bigger in measurement than the start of the sleeves which is where my shoulder is at.

I feel like I have longer hands when I wear it? Maybe it's just an optical illusion thingy but it's really important to me, I mean I bought a semi-sheer off shoulder top in Korea simply because it had bell sleeves which is extremely adorable 😍

Anyway, from the rest of the things that I tried on, I really like the Kara Reversible Slip Dress in both colors and the Carrina Eyelet Dress.

Wanted to get the eyelet dress but I prefer the red > white plus the price point was slightly steep for me given that it's a white dress so there's naturally more concerns as compared to the red version. I might have gotten it if it was in red though as I have zero issues with buying multiple CNY outfits 6months or more in advance you know.

Also picked the light pink and grey version of the slip dress over the navy and nude pink one as the nude pink was too pale for my liking though the navy side of the dress was winning everything.

I didn't wanna risk not wearing this dress both sides since I'm paying for it with the mindset of "1 for the price of 2" right? Pink is my style too and you can never go wrong with grey so I picked that instead.

However it's a little big for me at the chest though... I could see my bra lol

It's totally fine with me as I'm ok with the "wanna show but not show" concept but I wanna be able to wear it to work in future!! Not really sure if it's a nice thing for me to be showing my bra around LOLOLOLOL

Well I could definitely wear it as the external piece of a 2 piece dress outfit but then it's not a guaranteed long living trend? Plus even if the trend stays on, it's hard to find a suitable long sleeve button top for it zz

Woke up to #shihtzubobo staring at me. I nearly jumped lol




I think he hates it too? He won't even look at himself in the mirrors when we were in the lift otw home when we carried him home from the pet shop last week.

I had to repeatedly ask my dad if we brought him the right dog back as I really can't deal with it 😢


P.S. Am I the only one who thinks that he looks like a rabbit here?

Well on a brighter note, can't believe he is turning 3 at the end of this month!!

But I also can't believe he is gonna turn 3 looking horrible lol. Maybe this is his version of #shitwedidwhenwewereyoung


Day 187

Thursday, 6 Jul 2017

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7orangeloves (avatar)

7orangeloves Hello! I'm selling the carrina dress in berry size S!

2 weeks ago

kisseslikedrug (avatar)

kisseslikedrug @7orangeloves hi sorry I need size XS hahaha

2 weeks ago

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