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Don't become who hurt you.

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I'm always happy after we talk because we get to remind each other that we still care.It felt weird though, when you ask how we were. We're fine, nothing's progressing but we're fine with how things are now.You said your gut says this won't be just all there is to it but I countered with my gut is better than your gut yet deep down, I secretly hope your gut is actually right this time. We're alike according to you but all I see are two broken souls tryna breathe.

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Left the house with half my throat, a sound mind and my pretty long legs.Came home with no throat, half a mind and jelly legs. Drank more than I normally would but had so much more fun than I thought I could. Do I question the decisions I make? No. I mean I can only be 21 for 365 days and can only be in my 20s for THIS long. If this is how I find myself, I hope someone would eventually love me the way I've come to love myself.

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我站在天子腳下 被踩得喘不過氣走在前門大街 跟人潮 總會分歧或許我根本不屬於這裡 早就該離去誰能給我致命的一擊 請用力到徹底這裡是夢想的中心 但夢想都遙不可及這裡是圓夢的聖地 但卻總是撲朔迷離多少人敵不過殘酷的現實 從此銷聲匿跡多少人陷入了昏迷 剩下一具 空殼屍體

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