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November 2018

A few nights ago, while tucking Liam in bed I reminded him that it's swimming day at school the next day.He then asked me to pack his swimming costume (ie: swimming shorts and rashguard) instead of swimming shorts only. I asked him why and he said that the children laughed at him cause last week he was only wearing swimming shorts with no top.

This morning while changing Lily in bed, she peed a little onto my bed. Liam was shouting "Naughty Lily!" so I told him it's okay it's just a very small patch.Just now I made him a drink of effervescent Vitamin C. Halfway through he said to me, “Mummy, Lily peed a little in the bed, is it alright?". I said “Yes, why?"."Mummy, I spilled a little vitamin c on the sofa, it is alright".

October 2018

Was supervising Liam's pee and he shot across the toilet and pee landed on the seat.Me: Liam, this is not funny. Please aim properly.Liam: I did not laugh.

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Lily is 8 month 6 day old today and she just started cruising from one furniture to another!

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Lily turned 8 months old 2 days ago. I have given up taking pictures with milestone cards because I keep forgetting and she moves too much 😑

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