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Joie de vivre

June 2019

G is growing up so fast, too fast. Many things he used to love: his vehicles with happy faces, his beloved train bedtime books, his little Thomas the Train pull-along luggage - he no longer does."For babies like Meimei" - he says.Soon, he will stop asking to sit on kiddy rides too.He wipes my wet kiss away and says "MOM!!!!" in an exasperated tone sometimes. I make sure to give him an extra wet kiss anyway, like those he used to plop on my cheek when he was tiny.

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11 June - we were supposed to be in Japan now. Hakone, to be exact.Tickets and accommodation were all booked and paid for, planned with our favourite travel companions. We were set to do Tokyo-Hakone-Kyoto-Tokyo, with plans to travel on the JRL with our friends, enjoying each other's company and stressing out over our combined 6 kids 🤣As luck would have it, it was not meant to be.My FIL was very ill 2 weekends back and had to be hospitalised in the ICU in a very precarious condition.

May 2019

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It's a Park Day 🌞🌈🤗🍃🦋

Boys had no school today and instead of dreading it... I was looking forward to it cos we had a park playdate lined up for today!!!☺

Today is one of those days where I feel... That life is pretty good.Yes, work could be better. Yes, we could always do with more money. Yes, I could have been more patient with the children today.But, underpinning it all is the fact that... I am living the life I want. I made the active choice to eschew a regular job to work freelance, to spend more daytime hours with the kids.

Time with the kids is very precious. While I am buried in work emails, worries and thoughts, while I while away pockets of time in the afternoon on my phone browsing shops or surfing blogs - the kids are quietly growing up.I must remember to make a very conscious effort to be in the now.Put the phone away. Play. Read. Explain. Teach. Be.

Pointless Post, Just Capturing a Typical Day

Another hot, sticky day. The air is cloying and still, even at 7am. I feel it the moment I step out of the air-conditioned room with B in my arms. These days, I wake up with my mind being torn in too many directions at the same time. I think of work - check my emails, try to think of when I can slot work in throughout the day, and prioritise work tasks. I think of what I need the boys to do - whether they have spelling, or need to practice reading or music.. or what I'd like them to learn.

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