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I'm Kelly and I'm enchanted to meet you.

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Kev came home earlier than I did and they waited for me at the shelter where Talia likes to people watch after her walk. 💕

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Sorry I left yesterday's post hanging because once I got home, all attention is on Talia lol!Anyways as I was saying, that was when it stirred a desire to learn animal communication myself so I can talk to Talia (and also, it's not cheap! especially at the rate I'm doing so frequently hahaha).I wanted to go to the same teacher as the animal communicator (AC), but it turns out that she had passed away. she recommended me another one and that's the one I attended last October!

Decided to write an entry while I'm waiting for the bus since I didn't pack a book along with me today!I watched Little Miss Dolittle (a German film) on the flight back to Singapore recently and it's about how this little girl had the ability to speak to animals. It sounds like a fairy tale, a crazy tale but what if I tell you there's such a thing called animal/interspecies communication?

2 down, 9 to goBut I can't bring myself to do it, the migraine attack is real and it's bad. Ever since the second leg of the flight, the migraine started and it didn't quite go away. It's the second day now and I've taken painkillers so hopefully it will help to kill the pain hurhurhur. I can still remember how bright it felt when we were on the ride back from the airport and how I couldn't keep my eyes open. Now I just need to ride through the next 24 hours

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Been to quite a few European cities but really, I never really felt at home until we are back in Paris. It's like I finally let down my guard and relax.

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