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March 2018

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you know how sometimes an opportunity comes up and you know you just have to grab it both for personal and professional reasons? well today that happened to me. it cost me RM370 but i think that it will be a worthwhile cost in the long run.

yesterday was such a long and exhausting day that i just collapsed and fell asleep when i got home. that said i feel a little more refreshed now and ready to take on the week!

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yesterday a dear friend pinged me to see if i'd be up for dinner or dessert. after we got our ice cream and sat down, she asked, 'how are you?' Three words filled with meaning. I think she saw that I was hurting (i've alluded to it quietly in some of my IG posts), and took the initiative to check on me. And i thought, 'how very lucky am i to have a friend like this?'

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going for a messy chic aesthetic today while trying to see how long this eyeliner will last on my waterline

reflections / healing

today i attended the funeral of a man who made a huge impact in the lives of many, both directly through his career as a teacher, as well as indirectly through his children (two of which are pastors)it's been an interesting three days, that my heartbreak would coincide with reconnecting with a group of people who once were so significant to me.

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you know. i haven't felt hurt and pain like this in awhile. logically i know it's the right decision, logically i know he can't give me what i want, and vice versa. but it doesn't stop it from feeling any less shitty. yesterday we talked, and i was honest about where i am emotionally with this. and told him that i just need time and space to heal. it was such a tough conversation, also interspersed with gentle funny moments.

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