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June 2018

today, i am grateful for friends who take the time to listen, and to spend time with this girl who was in a dark head space.

May 2018

sigh i have so much to write about and things to get off my mind but i don't really know where to start. and it's stuff i feel very vulnerable about so i'm questioning if i should perhaps be penning it down in someplace more private :(

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Oh Malaysia. what an insane 24 hours we've been thorough.

April 2018

Today was equal parts good and bad, though i must say that the bad was pretty bad. i had a really really rough afternoon. My external hard drive was not mo bring to my laptop and i wasn't able to access the files needed for an important evening reveal appointment. My heart sank as i contemplated the possibilities, and the costs associated with fixing whatever was wrong with my external hdd.

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Man, what a long, exhausting, but splendid past couple of days. It was awesome enough that I really feel the need to Dayre it - just so i never forget...

on questions, and grace

After doing some thinking (and lots of irl blabbing to my friend), this is what i've kinda concluded. I typed out this whole wall of text in my conversation and am just replicating it here-----

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