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February 2019

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En lost the ability to sleep indenpendtly for naps 😣😣😣Always have to end up carrying her to sleep.And she sleeps like within minutes and i really mean as fast as one to two minutes kind once we carry her.天啊。。whats going on?? But theres a problem.Its not that easy to put her down, she just wants to cling onto us tightly like a koala bear.Even if we successfully transfer her down to the bed, theres a higher chance she wakes up halfway and wants to be carried back to sleep again. arghhhh..

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19mo today.Really looking like a big girl now.

En's behaviour is so unusual today, my mind is full of question marks trying to decipher what is going on.First, she only woke up at 10.30am. Granted that shes tired because she slept at 11pm the previous night (she napped from 3-6pm), but the weird thing is, between 7am to 1030am, she whined for 2 times but slept back on her own after hubby ignored her. And the third time, she was even awake for a short while but fell asleep again after hubs carried and patted her.

January 2019

En fell asleep in the car. Saw her eyelids becoming heavy and i was thinking whether i should wake her up. In the end i didnt, but was worrying how i can take her out of the car seat later.Luckily she got awoken when the car pass through a hump, and started whining.Immediately took the chance and carried her out and let her continue sleeping on me. Achievement unlocked!!Managed to walk down the carpark, took the lift, and even washed my legs in the toilet before putting her down onto the bed!

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天啊,En only gained 100g in the last 3 months.At 18mo, shes only 8.4kg!!! Definitely the smallest toddler around. I thought she weighs 8.7kg when we measured her at home few days back. Height wise, she is now 79cm. But ok la, both the nurse and dr do not feel that there is any issues with her health and growth, considering that she is consistently on the lower scale since she was born.As expected, dr made a referral for us to see a general PD at kkh for further assessment on whether speech

Praying for aloysius pang's recovery. Though he is unrelated to me, i am really saddened by the news :(🙏🙏🙏Pls let there be a miracle.

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