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August 2019

I dropped Jing En off today and she did not cry!Her fav chi teacher carried her and she even waved bye bye to me with flying kisses.Though she doesnt look excited nor happy, like just expressionless, but im so glad that she did not cry. 😊I have always tried not to send her to school myself because I'm afraid the separation anxiety will be more, but today she cried when I wanted to hand her over to mil, so I had no choice but to walk her to school.

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Jing en fell and hurt her lip yesterday.It bleed quite abit according to hubs. Today, the wound looks like an ulcer, though it doesn't seem to affect her at all.But I'm feeling very Sian because she has a class photography session on the coming Monday, and I'm afraid they will think it is hfmd and reject her.We even thought of tying her hair up for the photo taking :(

*heave a sigh of relieve*No prolonged nightwake like two nights ago.She fell asleep around 745pm but woke up coughing at 11+pm.Coughed for quite awhile but luckily slept back around 12pm+ till about 430am wanting to latch. Coughed again after latch but eventually fell asleep again.Somehow this seems like the trend...that she will wake up twice to cough. I am guessing it is the accumulation of mucus/phlegm when she lies flat, so she has to cough to relieve once in a while?

Haven't had such a rough night in a long while.En slept at 9pm, but woke up from her cough at 12+am, just before I was about to go to sleep, and remained awake and fully alert till 4am.In between that 4 hours, she pooped once.Texture was more liquid&sticky and she already pooped twice during the day.Not sure if it's because or the stool softener or she is having diarrhoea. I was also having bad insomnia that started since Mon night, but managed to catch around 2hrs of sleep when En finally

Hai I'm so upset...I lost all the videos I took in July..Hubs used my SD card to help my mum with her file transfer recently... He did ask me to do a quick check if all my files are intact. I took a quick scroll and said yes, I didn't know videos that were taken in July were missing :(It's so unlucky and upsetting because it means all videos relating to En's 2yo birthday celeb are gone.I only realised it when I wanted to rewatch one of the video I took.

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