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Probably the most insecure person on Earth

January 2019

Feeling so upset over all the news regarding Aloy Pang. Life is short and unpredictable. 😢 He’s so poor thing.. he’s only 28. Imagine his pain and fear during the incident. May he rest in peace 😭

Somehow i got quite affected by Aloysius Pang’s passing 😢 Not a fan of him but his passing is really devastating. I really can’t imagine the pain his girlfriend is going through. Imagine you already had so much so much of future plans with your partner and everything is gone in a snap. Imagine the heartache you get whenever you think of your partner.. My bf brought up something which is quite thought intriguing. Why must we only experience loss of loved ones then will start to cherish?

日久见人心. My bf is not someone who will shows overwhelming of care and love. He’s not good with words either. But you can see his true character along the way. He used to be someone who doesn’t show much concern because he’s always busy with his own work and studies. You might even feel neglected at times cos he’s just too busy to really care for his close ones. But guess what. After getting together for a period, i really can see the huge change in him. HUGE.

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