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August 2019

Of dreams, donation, ivf, ttc and a double line. Yay!

April 2019

Period pain and obviously a fail pregnancy again, what's new. I'm having high hopes this round coz we attempted IUI. Cost me RM1500 all in all. I remember that pat on my head after my IUI procedure where Dr Nicholas blurted a sweet "good luck". No luck this round.

March 2019

Day12 of my cycle. It's an important gynae apptment day to scan my ovary in preparation for IUI.And i think you can guess the outcome. Not looking good. Uterus lining is too thin and no dominant egg. Which means i might not ovulate this month. Even if i ovulate it wont stick on my thin uterus. Which means i cant have a 2019 baby, which also mean I cant hv a 3 yrs gap between my kids.

One of those stressful days

February 2019

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January 2019

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