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Why do we need writers on Dayre?

So… it’s been a while and I’m back with yet another very long post (😂) but please bear with me.

But yes, why do we need writers on Dayre?

To best explain this, we will need to consider Dayre’s overall mission and vision (@kathhhhhhh:160119).

Be it gating the community, introducing events and reward stores eventually, or creating content, everything that we have done and will be doing are designed with nurturing a community in mind.

I know I am going to sound like a broken record but I hope to try my best to ensure that the community can gradually see where we are coming from.

At the heart of Dayre 2.0, our ambition goes beyond just being a microblogging platform – we envision a space where women can come to online and positively impact one another in different ways.

Women who want a safe space to share about their everyday lives can do so here.

Women who want to have a conversation with others about topics that matter to them, serious or trivial, can find an audience here.

Women who want to meet other women going through similar trajectories in life can connect here.

Women who are seeking others who share the same interests and passion can find one another.

Women who are simply looking to broaden their perspectives can have access to diverse, unfiltered, and authentic thoughts here.

And we are working towards Dayre 2.0 through numerous ways, including but not limited to a new user experience and new features.

This mission is not over until we are able to empower every woman on the street in our own little way. This means we need to focus on sustainable ways that can enable us to keep bringing in new users onto Dayre.

For us to bring in new users, people need to know about us. In earlier posts, I have explained why referrals and word of mouth have not quite worked when it came to Dayre.

So we have to focus on other user acquisition methods. And this means ensuring people can find Dayre or chance upon this platform when they are online.

However, with Dayre 2.0, we have consciously taken a gated community approach to amp up on user safety and privacy which I have also explained in detail in earlier post with regards to the rationale so I will not repeat it again.

What this means is that while presently, your content is searchable on search engines such as Google and Yahoo, with Dayre 2.0 being gated, it would not be searchable outside of Dayre (unless you choose to opt-in to have your content remain searchable – and this is entirely your choice).

We’re not going to monetize your content because this isn’t the right thing to do. But what this means to us as business owners is that we will need to work even harder to attract new users to sign up for an account and experience Dayre 2.0 and the community for themselves. This means ensuring we still appear on search engines but not through your content.

This is where a content team comes in. And it’s only the content that they create that will be searchable, and hence allow us to draw in new users.

It’s no secret that @i_yune and @clarahow work for Dayre. We hired them not just because they have experience in creating content, but also because they bring to the community their own unique personalities and perspectives. They share one thing in common though – their shared belief in wanting to positively impact women, and this is important in what we hope to do with Dayre 2.0.

We are starting with only 2 writers because of practical budget concerns. But in the future, we hope to expand the team to include more people who can bring in even more diversity.

It’s all about taking baby steps.

And the first step which we have taken is to introduce @DayreStories.

DayreStories gives women an extra avenue to share their stories.

They could be the ones who are not keen on writing; the ones who are not comfortable with speaking and writing in English; the ones who are not savvy with social media; the ones who need to stay anonymous and can’t afford digital trails because of the nature of their story, their occupation, or any other personal reasons.

As long as they want to tell their story, DayreStories is a platform for them. Clara and I Yune’s role is to help find these women, and facilitate their storytelling.

And we’re most certainly not trying to become another female magazine-ish outlet.

(Quick disclaimer: There’s nothing wrong with female magazines – it’s just not what we’re trying to do with Dayre.)

If we were trying to be, we would run ads and sponsored content.

If we were trying to be, we would have editors and sub-editors who will edit and re-write every piece of story to give it a homogenous tone.

If we were trying to be, we would have red tapes on topics such as religion, politics or sex.

If we were trying to be, we would feature only high-profile and recognisable women that can draw the attention of advertisers and drive traffic.

But we are doing none of this.

Instead, we are choosing to take a different approach. We want to spotlight everyday women and open it up to every and any woman who wants to tell her story, unfiltered, and in their own way

This means featuring women breaking the glass ceiling, but also featuring women who’s still trying to find their foothold.

This means featuring women who are kickass mothers, but also featuring women who are struggling with motherhood. And also featuring women who don’t want to be mothers. Or women who want to be mothers and are trying their best to overcome all odds.

This means featuring women who have overcome their mental health problems and came out triumphant. But also featuring the ones who have yet to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You get the drift.

And unlike magazines, all the women we feature get to review and approve the final piece of content before it’s published. We make sure they are happy with what is written. Some of them even write their own story.

DayreStories is about real stories and real experiences that will encompass what it means to be a woman today.

It is another space for Dayreans who simply enjoy consuming content and have pockets of time left after reading people who they are following to come to. 95% of you are silent readers, and we hope that with DayreStories, we can give you more reasons to be here more often.

We hope that through these stories, you are inspired, moved, or have perhaps gained new perspectives.

By now, 3 very different stories featuring 3 women with their own unique circumstances and challenges have been rolled out, and there will be more to come.

If DayreStories is not your thing, that’s ok too. Because you can continue to only read content by people you’re interested in and you can continue to discover Dayreans through Editor’s Pick. Even with the refreshed interface for Dayre 2.0, DayreStories won’t be injected into your personal feed.

And with Dayre 2.0, we are also working on driving discoverability to make it easier for you to discover other Dayreans you may be interested in, and this will be done through a revamped user experience and user interface.

Ultimately, if we want to build a community for women, we have to first recognise and acknowledge that all women are different, and have different needs and expectations. And Dayre cannot and should not cater to just certain segments of women. This is why we are aware that not everything that we do will appeal to all of you all the time because like I have said before, we are all different individuals with differing needs and expectations.

At the end of the day, we are serious about building a space that women can turn to and we recognise that we have by no means achieved this yet. This is a long term and ongoing process and we want to work with each and every one of you to eventually get there. While we focus on bringing the platform to life, it’s all of you who will truly make Dayre 2.0 the community you want it to be.

Day 45

Thursday, 14 Feb 2019

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LifeOfElle (avatar)

LifeOfElle not sure if its too much to ask, i would love an interface when we can follow certain hashtags without frequently typing on the search button just like Instagram :)

3 months ago

desireelyp (avatar)

desireelyp ^ not a bad idea !!!! Hashtag can be centred among hashtags that women frequently follow.

3 months ago

kathhhhhhh (avatar)

kathhhhhhh Hello @LifeofElle @desireelyp I personally love the idea too! I'll let my team know and we'll figure out how soon we can do it after the migration and launching Dayre 2.0. Have a great weekend ahead :)

3 months ago

agwj_ (avatar)

agwj_ Hi, just like to share.. I’ve been catching up with Dayre 2.0 updates, and here are my two cents... it seems to me like the new Dayre is trying to be a support network for women, online version. It’s nice, seems like there’s a social cause behind it but I’m wondering if it includes the transwomen community? Or Dayre isn’t the place to further social causes?

3 months ago

kathhhhhhh (avatar)

kathhhhhhh Hi @agwj_ Thanks for asking and I appreciate you reaching out! :)

You’re right that Dayre 2.0 hopes to build a community of women and hopefully empower women in our own little ways, and we are going about doing it in baby steps.

I do recognise that gender definitions are more complex than what I can possibly discuss in a comment but my short answer would be that we definitely don’t see gender identity as binary, so when we say we are going to be a community for women, we refer to anyone who identifies as one, and we most certainly welcome transwomen and the LGBTQ community.

3 months ago

eugeneli (avatar)

eugeneli 👍👍👍

2 months ago

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