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updated 7 months ago

We’ll be right back.

When I published my first post yesterday, I had mentally prepped myself for generally two camps of thought: 1) people who’re excited about what’s to come, and 2) people who disagree.

Of course, there are also some of you who are asking for more clarity on what I have shared.

I’m glad.

I’m thankful and appreciative for all of you who have taken the time to share your thoughts with my team and I, be it on your own Dayre account, in the comments section, or through emails. It has shown me that Dayre, be it as an app or a community, means enough to you for you to feel strongly towards it.

I have always known the Dayre community to be one that’s passionate and vocal, and it is these precise traits that have made the community one that’s unlike any other.

With my announcement of the plans for Dayre 2.0, there have been some questions, concerns, and suggestions raised.

My team and I will be spending the next couple of days reading through your feedback and concerns, understanding them to the best of our abilities, and I will be back to address them in the next couple of posts.

In the meantime, have an advanced happy holidays! ☺

Day 357

Sunday, 23 Dec 2018

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idekwtv (avatar)

idekwtv Thank you so much for working so hard on this Kath, definitely appreciate all of your team's effort into Dayre 2.0 :-) Happy holidays as well, and have a joyous year ahead!

7 months ago

desireelyp (avatar)

desireelyp Thank you for taking ur time to uds our needs and taking each of our feedbacks into consideration. Its a nice gesture of yours. Not everyone may agree to what u have propose but i’m sure and have faith that dayre will be in good hands regardless

7 months ago

desireelyp (avatar)

desireelyp Have a great christmas holiday as well (:

7 months ago

hollibear (avatar)

hollibear Thanks for always keeping us in the loop Kath! Merry christmas and happy new year! Fresh start ahead

7 months ago

sillyblurme (avatar)

sillyblurme Thank you! Happy holiday to you and your team :)

7 months ago

mishmashmich (avatar)

mishmashmich Thank you for the update! Hope you and the team have a lovely Christmas.

7 months ago

thankgodforpink (avatar)

thankgodforpink Thank you! we are definitely in better hands now, and appreciate your (& your team's) time and effort to build a better dayre for us. Blessed Christmas!

7 months ago

michellelau (avatar)

michellelau Thank you for the update! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!! :)
Sent you and email - could I pls trouble you to check your junk folder as well just in case it ends up there? 🙈 Thank youuu!

7 months ago

whitechoco (avatar)

whitechoco Thank you for the updates! I will try to drop a feedback email in the next few days. Meanwhile, Advanced Merry Christmas!

7 months ago

cheerUup (avatar)

cheerUup Merry xmas!

7 months ago

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