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Let’s talk


How are you? I hope your new year is off to a great start.

My team and I have gone through as much of your feedback and queries about Dayre 2.0 as we can and I would like to address them to the best of my ability. I have summed up your questions into the following list:

1) Why women only? Why gated? And, what about the men?

2) Subscription model versus ads

3) Why do we have writers to create content? Are we trying to be a female magazine?

I will be splitting my responses to the above into three posts, with this being the first one.

And of course, these posts are not going to be my final response on Dayre 2.0.

I see these as open and ongoing conversations so keep reaching out to my team and I via the comments section or through emails if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or feedback.

On the same note, we have reached out to some of you and will continue reaching out to more of you to conduct focus groups. So if you’re up for a face-to-face chat, drop me an email at katherine@dayre.me.

Let me kickstart the posts by answering the first question.

Women for women? Multifaceted? Why?

Because this is what you, the users, have organically grown Dayre to be over the last few years.

This isn’t an anti-men crusade. It’s just that the fact is that the majority of the active users are women and the majority of the content on Dayre is women-skewed.

And we can see why. Because a women for women community instantly means that we understand one another.

Because none of you judge each other if all anybody wants to do is share their shopping hauls everyday.

Because none of you trivialise someone’s love for lipsticks or cleansers or nail polishes or any other hobbies they may have.

Because none of you question or cast a doubt about someone’s capabilities at work or call them attention seeking when they’re opening up about their struggle with depression.

Because none of you tell someone who shared their experiences with sexual harrassment that “hey, that’s not harrassment, it’s flattery”.

Because none of you will shame someone else for opening up about their love for sex.

Because when some of you write about rape culture, you don’t have to worry about death threats.

Because if you’re a small business owner who’s looking to connect with other small business owners or to just get the word about your venture out, you have an avenue.

Because if you want to share your joy of getting married to the love of your life and renovating your first home, this is where you come to.

Because you can openly talk about your monthly period cramps, every month, and have people offer tips and comfort.

Because even if you want to write anonymously about the challenges and struggles you’re facing, you will find an audience.

Because we know that this is real life. And not everyday is a bed of roses. So if you just want to rant about your day, you would do it here and not on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn because of the people who are following you there.

Because even though we have FB, IG, and LI, we know that these channels are essentially highlight reels where we curate the content that we put up there. And these channels only show one side of you.

Whereas on Dayre, you talk about different things, everyday, based on whatever tickles your fancy. You share anything you want to… because you can and because you’re multi-faceted and more than just a highlight reel.

We will still continue to use FB, IG, and LI. But Dayre will have its unique place amongst these channels.

Because Dayre is where we can possibly let our guards down, even if just a little, and share about every facet of our everyday.

Dayre has helped us seek out new friendships, new experiences, and new perspectives.

And perhaps this is why many of you have gone on to become friends in real life – because you were able to find like-minded individuals or simply connect with another Dayrean who’s going through a similar trajectory in life.

We love this. We love the authenticity, we love the openness, we love the diversity of opinions, we love the support you all provide one another, and we love the fact that the environment is non-judgemental.

Sure – not everyone here agrees with one another all the time, but all of you accept the diversity of thoughts without seeing the need to drive others off the platform. And this is the beauty of the Dayre community, isn’t it? This mutual respect for differing points of view has perhaps been the vehicle that fuelled so many of you to be more vocal and open on Dayre, more than on any other channels, as I have said in an earlier post.

There are many reasons why we love Dayre. It’s not so much the features like many of you rightly pointed out – there’re wordpress, blogger, and weblogit with the same functions – but the community on Dayre that makes it what it is.

Which is why we bought Dayre in the first place.

The last thing we want to do as the new owners is to change any of these qualities which makes the Dayre community so special.

What we want to do is to build on what all of you as users have already created for Dayre and enable more people to enjoy Dayre. As business owners, it is important for us that the community grows. It’s a balancing act here - the business needs to be sustainable while keeping intact what you all love about Dayre.

For the community to grow, it is important that more of the existing users feel comfortable about getting more out of Dayre. We feel that going gated will help achieve this. It’s not a 100% fool-proof way of keeping cyberbullies, creepers, or trolls out, but it’s a deterrent.

Because more than ever, women today need a safe place where we can document our everyday, our thoughts, our fears, our hopes… and so on, free from trolls and judgements.

While some of you have found this on Dayre in its current form, you will understand that there may be many others who need an added layer of security.

While we are making it easier for more people to express themselves on Dayre, the way we see it, Dayre isn’t just for people who can or want to write. It’s also for those who are perhaps not quite good at expressing themselves with words, but derive joy in reading about others. Which possibly explains why 95% of you are silent users, very similar to many of us on the Dayre team who, prior to acquiring Dayre, were already silent users.

We may not have written then, but we logged on to the app daily to read.

We’re here to give every woman on the street a platform. Whether it’s for writing, or for reading, or both.

That’s not to say that men can’t be on Dayre. As long as you enjoy Dayre or find the content and community on Dayre relatable, relevant or interesting, we welcome you. However, the content and events which we will be rolling out will be women-centric. We would love to hear your views on how you think you can be a part of Dayre 2.0.

Of course, looking at the needs of existing users is one part of the equation. But to grow the community, we need to bring in new users too. However, it’s not a numbers game. By gating our community, we will help ensure that the new users who come in are people who genuinely see the value in Dayre and will enhance the community, as opposed to detracting from it.

There just isn’t another platform with the same level of authenticity out there where we can freely talk about everything and anything related to our lives.

Dayre has been a companion for many of us – be it reading real reviews on #dayrebeauty and #dayretravel, or getting tips and advice through the different life stages such as #dayrebrides, #dayrehomes, and even getting virtual support and guidance from women going through similar trajectories through #dayreparenting and #dayrettc, it is a community that we find extremely different.

Most of you here are not writing for a living. You’re people with real experiences, real reviews, and opinions. And you have contributed to what makes the Dayre community so authentic and empowering.

We’re not here to take any of these away from you.

But we’re here to make it easier for you to discover other people that you may connect with or content that you find interesting. And for some of you, we’re here to give you a little nudge of encouragement that may inspire you to share.

Not everything that we do will apply or appeal to each and everyone of you. And rightly so. Because we are all different individuals, with differing needs and expectations. Some of you are already comfortable with what Dayre has to offer. While others are still finding that courage to share. There will also be some who are content with being just a silent reader for a multitude of reasons.

We’re here to make this community work for each and everyone of you, to the best of our abilities.

We’re here to ensure that the community you have grown to love will continuously find ways to grow and thrive. And to do this, we’re listening to each and everyone of you, and we’re still learning everyday.

Day 8

Tuesday, 8 Jan 2019

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fattypaws (avatar)

fattypaws @yngtyng

7 months ago

thegirlwhogrowls (avatar)

thegirlwhogrowls thanks for taking the time to write this out kath! a lot to digest for one sitting but do know its appreciated :)

7 months ago

Blisstina (avatar)

Blisstina hello! i have 2 questions: 1) how would our past entries be carried over to dayre 2.0? would they all be privatised (i.e. taken off from google search)? or is this applicable only for new posts starting april? 2) will current users still have access to previous posts without subscribing given that it would be a gated community? not sure if these had been addressed in the comments section already...thanks!

7 months ago

Nocturnal (avatar)

Nocturnal I’m one of those silent reader. Looking forward regarding added layer of security. I don’t mind paying but depends on how much honestly.

7 months ago

mabel_koh (avatar)

mabel_koh @Nocturnal i think it’s us$3.08 per month.

7 months ago

Nocturnal (avatar)

Nocturnal @mabel_koh Thanks for the info ☺️

7 months ago

arthursseat (avatar)

arthursseat Here's a Dayre monetising idea for your consideration. Dayre is supposed to be a diary. In time to come, people would want to look back at their past entries. But looking for entries of several years past is not easy on a small mobile screen.

Perhaps you can offer a printing service where entries are printed out at professional quality and bound like a yearbook. It would have to be better quality than DIY printing out on a home PC printer. Having these annual Dayre yearbooks to flip through is a good way to reminisce about our past. For an appropriate price, of course.

7 months ago

kathhhhhhh (avatar)

kathhhhhhh @thegirlwhogrowls Thank you for reading. I know that following my first post, there will naturally be many questions and concerns, and my intention was always to deliver more details and explanations in a series of manageable posts over a period of time so that it’s not too overwhelming. As you have rightly pointed out, even focusing on one topic resulted in a long post, and this is necessary in order for me to be as clear as possible. I will be sharing more on our thought processes and why we are making certain decisions in the coming weeks. Please be patient with me as I know it’s really a lot to digest! :)

@Blisstina Thank you for reaching out. We are working through all the details now, and at the right time, we will be reaching out with more communication over the next couple of weeks. We seek your patience in the meantime!

@Nocturnal Thanks for writing in to me, I really appreciate it. At the moment, the pricing plans are not finalised. We will be going out with a community-wide survey which will help us figure out how we can best meet the needs of the community. We look forward to your participation in the online survey!

@mabel_koh Hello! At the moment, the pricing plans are actually not finalised. As I also mentioned in the above comment, we will be going out with a community-wide survey which will help us figure out how we can best meet the needs of the community. Looking forward to your participation in the online survey!

@arthursseat Thanks for the suggestion and thank you for taking the time to write in to me! Merchandise and memorabilia are areas we are considering, but are not priorities for now. However, I will definitely keep this in mind and should there be reasonable demand, we can definitely make it happen, hopefully in the near future! :)

7 months ago

gordydx (avatar)

gordydx May I ask, if I’m already a male with a Dayre account, when these changes take place will my account be removed and do I have to make a new one? Or what will happen to men currently owning Dayre accounts? Just wondering as Dayre holds some significance to me, having been using it since 2014!

6 months ago

kathhhhhhh (avatar)

kathhhhhhh @gordydx Hello! Apologies for my tardy reply. We’re still working out the specifics but at the moment, I believe that we won’t be removing or deleting accounts. Everything on the current platform will be migrated onto Dayre 2.0. Dayre 2.0 will be a subscription only platform so only subscribers will get to access the app. If you currently have an account, but choose not to subscribe, your account and its content will remain intact in case you change your mind in future or you can also write in to us to have it be removed entirely. As I have said in earlier posts, we welcome men who enjoy Dayre to remain on the platform - it’s just that the content and activities that we will be focusing on will be women-centric! Hope this helps and have a good weekend ahead :)

6 months ago

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