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February 2019

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Why do we need writers on Dayre?

So… it’s been a while and I’m back with yet another very long post (😂) but please bear with me. But yes, why do we need writers on Dayre? To best explain this, we will need to consider Dayre’s overall mission and vision (@kathhhhhhh:160119).Be it gating the community, introducing events and reward stores eventually, or creating content, everything that we have done and will be doing are designed with nurturing a community in mind.

January 2019

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Why can’t we run ads on Dayre?

I said in my earlier post (@kathhhhhhh:080119) that I will be addressing the three main questions some of you have about Dayre 2.0. And today, I would like to talk about subscription model versus ads model.

Let’s talk

Hello,How are you? I hope your new year is off to a great start. My team and I have gone through as much of your feedback and queries about Dayre 2.0 as we can and I would like to address them to the best of my ability. I have summed up your questions into the following list:1) Why women only? Why gated? And, what about the men?2) Subscription model versus ads3) Why do we have writers to create content? Are we trying to be a female magazine?

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