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Omggg can't wait for Friday to come!! Time flies. It's been more than 1 month in my new job and I am enjoying (or trying) to enjoy every new thing I learn Everyday. I mean, that's the reason why I step out and enter the corporate life right ?

Career in 2018

There were too many ups and downs like seriously in 2018. Career was the BIGGEST change and I totally couldn't expect it. Quit my teaching job as what I've alr decided on when I was halfway through my bond as things were so stagnant. I felt that everyday was so mundane just doing the same things so repetitive. Felt that it was no longer challenging for me and decided to move on to other things. Have no idea what I wanted to do. Like zero idea. Jumped into a fashion e commerce which I hated it

after only 2 weeks ?? Like I felt so miserable and 24/7 my eyes had to be glued on TWO computers. Was dying and that made me realise I will never ever find a desk bound job. Went on to family business but because of my knee, had to rest for near to half a year. And finally to venture out into another new firm at the end of last year. So yeah this summarizes everything. Like everyone I met was just asking me "what are you doing ??? I'm confused." But honestly I was confused myself too

Wasn't used to not having a full time job for near to 5 months. Money and everything. I learnt to spend less on clothes, eat more at home. And had more time to spend with S too since both of us "unemployed" the same time. It was such a good Long break, without alarm clock every day. Can you imagine- for a good 5 months? I was so used to this lifestyle I'm like ok I really don't wish to work. Haha

But of cos I have to wake up from my dreams uhhh and I NEED TO SHOP. So when my knees got better I applied for jobs and I am sooooo thankful within 2 weeks I was given the luxury to choose and reject companies and I think I still made a good decision hehe. The company culture is good so far. And yeahhh idk what made me started rambling about this but thanks for reading if you are here now hahaaaa 😂

Day 17

Thursday, 17 Jan 2019

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jiaqqq (avatar)

jiaqqq Hi! Nice to read your thoughts on career change. I’m a fellow teacher too and seems soooo hard to find a corporate job:( nt sure isit cos i tend to find those bigger firms n also hoping there wouldnt b a huge pay cut..u are so lucky to find one within 2wks!!:)

1 month ago

katechiclove (avatar)

katechiclove @jiaqqq thanks for reading babe! Yeah I agree it's gg to be tough at first but have the patience if u really want to change. It's always a pay cut outside but I'm lucky. When I went to fashion e commerce I took near to 35% Pay cut and couldn't get used to it. Jiayo!!

1 month ago

jiaqqq (avatar)

jiaqqq Thanks dear:) hope u find more happiness now💕

1 month ago

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