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Here’s to everything in life. Xx 🌈

February 2019

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Totally regret not finding the time to find my coat/jacket. It’s cold today 😭😰Taipei from my lens 😳

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46/365 - BDD year

The company might be in a bad shape now but here are the people who makes it a lot (X100000) better 😊

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This is me, ALL THE TIME


Cry until one day when you see/hear it, you won’t feel a thing

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there are a lot of times in life where you watched a video/saw a meme online/read a sentence from a book and they reminded you so much of this person. at instance, you’ll either tag them in the video/meme or send the book to them or just take a picture for them so that they too can share a laugh/emotions from the same thing but.. but.. but what happens when that person and you are no longer talking? is it still appropriate to share or will that person think ill of this gesture?

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YAY! Did nothing today and I’m pretty happy about it. Finally taking a break from all the CNY questions but this year all I ever get : when are you getting married? Time liao hor especially when you want to conceive? (Yes, no one knows about my love stories, LUL)These few days I took them in pretty well, but there are also certain days where words like these hit me up the wall and I cry a river enough for boats to float.

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