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Video snippets of #kentingweds!

Sharing a few behind-the-scenes photos from #kentingweds as shot by Flairfolio Photography here, because I can't post all on my blog! Haha.

Always the social media addict as my bridesmaids fuss over me. πŸ˜‚ #dayrebride #dayrebrides #dayrewedding

Xian braiding Bryan's hair!

Bryan did a really good job hosting our party at night and everyone was laughing at the way he asked us to wait for the fireworks hahahaha because honestly we waited v long for that 5 seconds of fireworks. πŸ˜‚

Think I was looking for my gown.

The guys prepping their uniform! This is the MOST troublesome thing ever. After our banquet they also spent 2 hours plus removing and sorting the uniforms to be returned. Super thankful for their help!!!

Meixi who's in charge of my gold taking care of it!

When daddy's tie is not worn correctly. πŸ‘”

You've been my best friend, primary school classmate, mahjong khaki, and someone I look forward to seeing everyday, and thank the Lord for every night. ❀️

Gatecrash πŸ™ŒπŸ»

View from my room I snuck out to the balcony in my gown to snap this video for my Instagram stories hahah. My sis in the background "go in go in don't let ken see you" cause we were not sure if he can see me before he come and pick me HAHAHA

My bridesmaids made the guys knock it down 20 times before they let then come in to play the games πŸ˜‚

They had to sing Taylor Swift song loud enough for me to hear from my room hahaha btw the guys were jumping on the massage mats the one with lots of beads 😁


Short snippet of gatecrash! Ya ya papaya think he everything can get right but he got my fav food wrong! LOL

Ok lah the answer was waffles and ice-cream HAHAHA but I do love sushi too πŸ˜‚

Eating the ζ±€εœ† of love that my grandma made for me!

Lol the girls saying "so easy so easy" and my videographer and photographer hard at work hahaha. They were telling Ken what to do and also he had to walk in twice for them to shoot from the inside as well HAHA

Videographer Silverskye Productions
Photographer @Alan_ngphotography

πŸ‘πŸ» Think we had to redo the kiss for our photographer and videographer to take again from another angle or something HAHAHA #behindthescenes

On the way to Ken's house after he pick me!! He's at a loss for words πŸ˜‚

Solemnization πŸ–‹

Ken thought Jud was gonna take pic of us but it's a video for Instagram stories! Hahaha so nervous while we were prepping for our vows!!!

ζ₯δΊ†ζ₯δΊ†! Music from our live band Pillars of Sound where Ken's cousin is the lead singer! 🎢

Daddy walking me to Ken. ☺️

Dr Patrick Liew said this is his most beautiful wedding venue and setup wew ☺️☺️☺️

To say "I do"

Poor Ken overwhelmed with emotions he couldn't start. :')

He made me tear too. 😒

If you want to hear the rest of his vows. ☺️

Can you believe he wrote his vows in 15 minutes while I slogged over mine for hours because idk what to write HAHAHA

From the θ½°θ½°ηƒˆηƒˆ start of our relationship~

I held it better than him because I knew if I let myself breakdown I won't be able to continue so I pushed the tears back down 😁

Done!! Hahaha frog came to pass me tissue. πŸ˜‚

I didn't managed to save the "you may kiss your bride" part but you can see it from here, a snippet of the wedding highlights done by Dennis from Silverskye Productions. πŸ€—

The one-minute version is on my Instagram and the full 8-minute version is on Facebook. 😁 so many versions hahaha

After party! πŸ’ƒπŸ»

"Today I'm the most victorious man because I married the love of my life."

Part 1 of our Thriller dance performance! Video too long have to cut into 2 cause Dayre only can upload 30 secs videos ☹️

Part 2 with a tinge of commando flavour! And Ken coming to hug me at the end. ☺️

The guys super on, always present for all our practice sessions. So thankful!!!!

We had so much fun!!! Our mass dance here was taken by Xyjj where everyone was just following Ken and HE ANYHOW DANCE LOL

Eh wah eh wah eh wah! Really like disco right!!! πŸ’ƒπŸ»

After that we were heading off already but Ken wasn't done yet. Somehow the guys all so on one?! Idk to laugh or cry LOL we were all so tired and they still can do some rubbish fight-war scenario πŸ˜…

Xinyee said "they going for some 12km route march" and I said "enemy here!" So that they will come back and Bryan turned around and "SHHHH" me lol and then Ken ended with "ok thanks for the entertainment guys bye bye"

After this we had to take train to Marriott cause the car was full of our barang barang and it was Saturday night so the Uber and Grab surge was really ridiculous. Plus the queue for the taxi was really long!

Fireworks + wedding partners + some ε‘ε•Š + ζ—©η”Ÿθ΄΅ε­ πŸŽ‰

Banquet 🍻

I LOVE MY HEADBAND HAHAHA BLING BLING!! Xyjj helped us record this before our second march-in!

Tbh before the first march-in I was so nervous because we had like close to 500 guests and I was so scared I'll trip over my gown or something!!!

Second march-in was better and more spacious without the sword bearers. 😁

Second march-in for banquet. Love my gown for this!! πŸ‘°πŸ»

Popping the champagne!

A lot of our friends were thinking wah the Chinese emcee speaks very fluently! After that we announced that Henry's a DJ from Yes 933 then they "no wonder!!" Hahaha Henry's our primary school friend as well ☺️✌🏻

The last table for photo taking; they prepared a full glass of wine + beer concoction for Ken hahaha and at the last part all the guys snatched the glass from Ken saying they help him drink hahaha πŸ‘πŸ»

What the commando guys do when they're drunk 😡 they did this MULTIPLE TIMES and they're still so happy!!! PUSH TURN ROLLOVER #commando

I was just sitting there like ..... GUYS SERIOUSLY

This was the same thing just taken from my angle 🀣

Because we had super good food at Marriott, the brothers supposed to help Ken with drinking, ended up stealing food from other tables LOL

Banquet photos taken by Joash from Joashxlee Photography! 😍 He was our second photographer for the day and he actually volunteered because he was only supposed to be our guest! Then he say he bring full gear to help us shoot. 😍 ζ„ŸεŠ¨!!!!

Official photos are up on my Facebook (split into 3 different albums for my 3 different photographers) and still waiting for photos from Joash ☺️ super thankful for everyone who helped document our big day!

My blog is also updated with my thoughts and feelings of certain moments. Do head over!

We teared again during our speech at the banquet. Hahaha Ken says whenever he talks about family he gets so emotional. When he thanked my parents, I think my dad also teared!!! First time I see hahaha.

He also did a great job in addressing all our 480+ guests! πŸ€—

Toast to the happily married man! 🍻

I'm proud that we paid for our whole two-days of celebrations from our own pocket and never took a cent from our parents. ✌🏻

Ok la not my 功劳 since I just graduated less than a year ago and never earn much hahaha thank you to my capable husband hehe. And we're not even officially 25 years old yet!

Didn't switch on my bling bling headband here but it's still pretty! Hehe and my 四点金 from Ken's mama. πŸ’•

Super glad that everyone complimented the food and enjoyed themselves! 😍

Thank you friends and family for joining us in celebrating our union! πŸ’• And everyone of you for all your well wishes!

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Sunday, 14 May 2017

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