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A foodie and a travel addict

February 2019

In CHINA NOW!! But FML. I never felt so dumb in my life before. Prob one of the reason i dislike doing chinese flight. Yes Im a Chinese!! Why do i feel dumb?? Cause I’m a chinese but god damn it, my chinese sucks and I can’t read n when i come to China it makes me feel like shit. There’s no such things as UberEats or whatsoever.. there is delivery app and its all in Chinese and looking at the food i wanna order pissed me off even more. Cause I don’t understand n i wanna eat!!!🔥🔥🔥

January 2019

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I know i need to stop with all this house interior stuff.. but last of the very last k??

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I gotno idea why but I been following all this interior design stuff hastags and diff designs been popping on my insta. Prob 80% are consists of it simce i follow all those hastag. been browsing n saving all the design that i love so muchI cannot help but to imagine having spaces like these and imagine it being my house

This year should be the year I think I start advancing in the skills I wanna have and to really start pursuing wht I exactly want in order for ething to fall into place and for me to leave knowing I have something to achieve n something to look forward. It definitely sounds way easier typing this but of course its harder in real life. I don’t know whether will I managed to do it n levelling up the skills that I need to have. but well we shall see.. Something random but if u were to choose..

At days i feel like I really like my job and at days I just feel like shit. And today is definitely “THE DAY”It just makes me lazy, exhausted, tired, lack of sleep, screwed up my sleeping time totally!! At times i really feel like I can’t anymore and I just wanna throw my letter of resignation. Ppl see the fun of this job only but not the other side. Yes.. I won’t deny its really fun and I did get a lot of perks from this job. Money n places I could never imagine going

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I literally had almost ZEROOOOOO SLEEP from last night and now its too late to nap.. and thinking I’ve more duty in the next two days just makes me URGHHHH!!!Something funny happened at work today though and gotta say i felt horrible after..

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