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The big move finally happened.

I really took it easy with the move until two days before when I realised how much more work it needed. Because it wasn’t a simple move from point A to B.

Because we couldn’t find a new place in time, we moved to a service apartment. In between service apartment to new place we are going to japan so I needed to pack for that as well.

Basically we had to pack for our furniture and bulk of our stuff to storage, and to service apartment and then for japan.

Our whole lives in this storage space 😰

If I forgot anything for our current space or japan I will have to buy cos... it doesn’t look like it’ll be easy to get a top out of here wtf.

It was all quite troublesome but we couldn’t find anything we both liked that were available at the time we needed. In the end the one we liked will only be completed next month so we can only move in in may, and that’s how we got to the current arrangement.

Current situation.

A simple one bedroom.

We had to pick somewhere that wasn’t too expensive cos it’s gonna burn a hole in our pocket living in a service apartment basically for a few weeks. The nicer ones are all over 200aud a night 😨

It’s nice though to be in a place where someone comes to clean. Such a burden off! I could get used to this 😬

It’s not over though. When we get back from japan we have to live in a hotel unless we move into the new place.

I’m really looking forward to it though the rendering of the new place looks amazing! We haven’t even seen the place yet so on our application it says pending inspection. So it’s at least still secured for us because most of the units were snapped up really quick! We were one of the first yet we didn’t get the unit we wanted most.

Mostly because the agent was a bit wishy washy. She said she could get the keys two weeks ago but then she couldn’t and last week the same thing happened.

Let’s hope we won’t be homeless when we get back from japan.

Still managed a play date or rather a mummies meet up during the move 😅

So nice to see @jellster @rosecarson @lia0808 and @jerrybb again! @kimberzilla was with us too! We plan to meet more while she’s still here as we missed out on @jessie41 and @choopeechu this time.

So cute together this bunch. Maddie doesn’t get to play in a group often so she was really happy. Warms my heart.

I do think of sending her to childcare for this purpose sometimes but the cost is just too much. One more year till she starts school I tell myself but even then we are thinking of delaying schooling for another year if we are moving again.

Will have to see when the time comes.

Maddie has been waking up every night since we moved to this place and I thought it’s because of the new place but today B noticed two molars coming out. Can see the tips. But she didn’t tell us it’s been painful? Her appetite has been great too.

It’s quite frustrating when she wakes up cos she only wakes up around 10pm to 12am which is when we are watching tv hahahaha. We are currently watching ozark and it’s quite good!

When she wakes up she either calls for us or she walks to the door, open and say “can you come sleep with me?”

Then she falls asleep instantly as soon as she gets on the bed but she wants to put her arm over your neck as if she knows we want to make our getaway 😒

She just woke up and came out of her room. We asked her if her teeth or mouth hurt and she said yes it hurts inside. Poor thing. Why never say until now.

Day 90

Sunday, 31 Mar 2019

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aredcardigan (avatar)

aredcardigan Good luck! All the best!
Just did a major move..it's something alright!

2 months ago

yunnysanusi (avatar)

yunnysanusi Good luck! Hopefully u'll get the unit 🤞🤞

2 months ago

nikkicjq (avatar)

nikkicjq Good luck!!

2 months ago

funnyapple (avatar)

funnyapple I think I stayed in this exact SA when I went to Perth. And I have no complaints at all about it! All the best!

2 months ago

justpeachy (avatar)

justpeachy @aredcardigan yes halfway done phewww

@yunnysanusi me tooo fingers crossed!!

@nikkicjq thank you!!

@funnyapple yes I love it! Fair price and it turned out nicer than the photos so we’re very happy with it! I was expecting something run down but was wrong!

2 months ago

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