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I’ve changed my banana pancake recipe lately thank to a tip from Jye! Add a cube of frozen spinach in!

The only problem is, and I’m facing now, is that I have to wait till the cube has melted before I can make Maddie breakfast. I told B to take it out when he wakes up cos he is up earlier but he forgot.

He did cut some apples for M though so not too bad but I always try to have M have her breakfast as soon as possible so it’s not too close to lunch.

See her face when I wanna take photo...

Also another amazing tip was to cook the entire pancake one shot. I use to do them in many batches also taking up time zzz. It started that way when Maddie was doing BLW so smaller circles were better for her to hold.

She’s been eating this since she was 12 months old! I still make it twice a week it’s one of her favourite things.

Super easy, just egg, banana and chia seeds. Now I add spinach!

Better photo.

I try to ensure that every meal she eats has vegetables in it, because she tends to eat a lot of meat so I wanna balance it out.

Her other usual breakfast is veggie omelette and then once a week I’ll do a french toast with bananas on top.

Anything I do for breakfast needs to be quick cos I’m the last to wake up in the morning.

After we got back from our last japan trip in january she’s been waking up at 930am every day which was amazingggg. She sleeps at 930pm before so it’s a solid 12 hours. Previously if she slept at 930 she would be up at 8am so I tried my make sure she’s up in bed by 8pm.

That timing was so great! Then slowly but surely beginning of March she started waking up earlier at about 9am, and now since we moved to this place she’s been waking up at 830am.

Always happens lah so I’m glad I at least got three months of sleeping in. Let’s hope the next holiday sets her wake up time later too 😬

Only drawback when she wakes up at 930am is that breakfast is at around 10.15am and then lunch is at noon so it’s a bit close. What I did was cut out her mid-morning snack but she sometimes asks for it out of habit.

She still eats her lunch well.

Maddie has been loving spicy food as well! We go to szechuan zen a lot and one afternoon jye and I ordered everything in extra spicy and then a non-spicy spare ribs for the kids but Maddie continued to eat the extra spicy!

I usually bring some avocado or veggies out for her to eat with her lunch and on this day I had avocado so I think that helped cut the spiciness somewhat.

We have found that if we dapao the leftover sauce and spices home from our meal we can cook another meal with it!

So now I always try to remember to bring extra tupperware to szechuan zen.

I wanted a change from my usual tuna melt which I eat three times a week haha so I made a chicken sandwich!

A lot more time-consuming but it is mad delicious.

Just pan fry a boneless maryland, then simmer with a bit of water and once it has cooled, shred it and I’ll add chilli powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper.

I’ll then fry the chicken again and once it’s cooled I add a generous amount of kewpie mayo.

Must also add cheese! Cheddar would be perfect or some mexican cheese but all I had was parmagiano regianno.


I use to eat two sandwiches per lunch. But recently I changed it to one sandwich but I fill up two cans of tuna in one sandwich so with the chicken I did the same with one whole maryland in one.

Still filling though not as filling as two. One sandwich is already a good size and it’s Lawson’s bread as you can see in the pic larger than normal bread.

Better la less carbs 😅 since I eat it so many times a week.

I lost a bit of weight end of last year when I started going to the gym again but i gained a lot of it back during cny. I’m the sort that can’t change what I eat, and previously I would say I can’t change the portion either but hey I can!

I’ve been eating less rice as well. I still in general eat whatever I want but I don’t eat an insane amount which helps but obviously doesn’t help as much as hitting the gym.

People say abs are made in the kitchen but it’s not true for me la. When I had abs I ate like crazy! But I also exercised like crazy so the exercise burned everything I ate. It’s only made in the kitchen if you don’t exercise like mad which is more the norm.

Who has the time to exercise 3 hours a day 6 times a week minimum!

But even now I feel the exercising helps me a lot more cos dieting is just too depressing for me so instead I make small changes here and there.

I also stopped eating after 10pm which I think affected my weight gain greatly in a good way. We use to eat out ice-cream and chips at 11pm every day without fail. Or hot cross buns or just anything bad.

It was very very hard for me not to snack at that time but I had a bridesmaids dress to fit into and I’m glad I managed to mostly stick to it. Except for cny la where I ate from morning to night.

Day 91

Monday, 1 Apr 2019

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christinengt (avatar)

christinengt You look like you lost a lot of weight!

1 month ago

aredcardigan (avatar)

aredcardigan Haha that hangry pout!!!

1 month ago

girlthatcooks (avatar)

girlthatcooks adding spinach is such a good idea! I'm going to try this later. I have an overripe banana, was wondering what to do with it!

you look great! im the same! I need to exercise to lose weight. and breastfeeding does nothing for me!

1 month ago

justpeachy (avatar)

justpeachy @christinengt in total about 2.5kg I think! On a shortie like me it would look like I lost a lot 😅

@aredcardigan hahahaha she didn’t want photos!

@girlthatcooks yeah if you can find the frozen kind super easy cos it’s already chopped! By the time we met I had already gained back some of the weight 🙈 same here I in fact lost some weight when I stopped breastfeeding! Are you still breastfeeding? You looked amazing when I saw you!

1 month ago

tiffanywee (avatar)

tiffanywee Try defrosting the spinach in the fridge overnight?

1 month ago

girlthatcooks (avatar)

girlthatcooks yes, I have the frozen spinach, very convenient that it's all chopped up! yes, am breastfeeding and will probably try to breastfeed till Zachary turns 2. and then close shop forever. after that, i can focus on looking hot! 😅😅😅

1 month ago

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