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Decided on a whim that I should finish up writing about our dec - jan japan trip cos the next one is already coming up wtf. There were so many cute pics of Maddie in the snow I feel like posting even though I don’t know how many more dayre days I have in me tbh.

I hear we’ll have to start paying soon? I have nothing against that only that I doubt that I will. I’m way more active on my instagram although I don’t get to tell grandmother stories there.

Where I last wrote about tokyo I think it was dec 31 and I forgot what we had for lunch but after lunch we decided to try gyukatsu motomura. Initially B was very skeptical (*cough snob) but both @allycontrary and @shaufun recommended it and I trust their tastes!

First time being in a queue where it’s all men! Lol though some ladies came later.

Since we just had lunch we ordered a small even though ally was like ORDER THE LARGE. She was right la but we also have early dinner reservations so we controlled!

Tbh the first bite I had of it I really didn’t like it. The piece that I cooked myself. Then B explained that because it’s not a high-quality cut of beef it needs to be cooked longer or it’ll be very stringy.

So we cooked it nearly well done and that’s when it tasted best. It got more tender the longer it was cooked.

I recommended this to jye who went after we did and her entire family didn’t like it. I suspect it’s because of the same mistake I made, didn’t cook the beef long enough 😅

Beautiful view outside the peninsula hotel 😍

I don’t know what possessed me to book a chinese meal for the eye of the NY but I thought familiar food would be nice cos by now we would have been in japan for nearly two weeks.

This was hei fung terrace where the hostess accidentally snubbed us by asking if we were at the right place cos this is hei fung terrace. I said yes and gave her my name. This happens to us a lot coz we are usually not very well-dressed.

My dinner dates!

What la can’t fit myself in the photo.

Some chicken thing.

Beef. Decent.

Noodles. Ok la. We also ordered another beef and truffle dish which was nice but overall I did wish we had gone the japanese food route since we were in japan 🙈

Nightly family mart trip!

I’m very unlucky when it comes to choosing family mart stuff. This sucked.

This one also so I threw it away zzz

We didn’t stay up for the countdown cos we needed to be up early for our next adventure!

Early in the morning we went to the shinkansen. Maddie was super excited, she soon could tell which was a “normal train” and which was a “bullet train.” It went on till we were back in perth where she would say this is not a bullet train lol.

So happy to see so much snow when we arrived!

Paying for our gear and stuff.

Soooo cute!


She loved this sled so much she went on it over 20 times. After each ride she would pick up her own sled and carry it to the moving escalator to bring us back up.

She liked this too and I got really tired dragging her at the end of each ride.

While we were down here where the kids’ games were, B went snowboarding up higher.

He used to snowboard a lot before we got married but all that took a pause. After this trip though B got really excited to snowboard again so he bought us all our own ski clothes and booked a trip to NZ later this year!

Took the cable car up to see daddy!

NY pic of the fam. Awesome way to start the year!

Maddie screamed like crazy when she saw this.

It didn’t feel cold but later B told me it was -9. The gear was damn good I actually felt pretty toasty! Maddie refused to wear the gloves we got her so I worried a bit about frostbite cos she kept grabbing snow to build stuff.

So far so good I think no frostbite heh.

There is another sled area for kids up here so daddy took her for a few rounds.

Bought a savoury crepe which froze the moment I brought it out LOL. Meant to be eaten in the cafe but Maddie wanted to keep playing.

Taking the cable car down!

View from the cable car! Wish I am a better photographer I was looking at pics from the tagged location and it was insane.

Walking through the town of yuzawa.

Hahaha her hair! Her hair clip fell off zzz. There is a shuttle which takes everyone from the ski lodge to the train station but we decided to walk.

The train station is pretty cool there are lots of things to eat and a market to buy stuff from.

I’m not an adventurous shopper in japan cos 80% of the stuff I buy without a recommendation is shite. So I didn’t buy anything. I don’t think it’s true that just because it’s from japan it’s good la.

Pink cheeks from the crazy wind!

Found a gyudan place! Not quite what I expected cos it’s very thick tongue but I’m happy to eat offal whenever I can and get some into Maddie too.

Tried duck ramen! Really very ducky hahaha yum!!

On the train again!

Candid pic B took.

From this pic I could tell I lost quite a bit of weight although on the scale it was only 2.5kg to 3kg which is still good la cos I only exercised for a month.

After the trip I gained back two kilos which is less than expected and have maintained on this weight without any exercise.

The problem with posting pics from long ago is that after your first one or ten and you go back to photos it’s not where you left off. So I have to scroll like mad to find it again and is the only thing putting me off.

Day 98

Monday, 8 Apr 2019

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poopiemookie (avatar)

poopiemookie maddie looks so cute on the slopes!!

1 month ago

mrsergul (avatar)

mrsergul maddie's outfit at the slopes is as cute as the snow-capped houses!

1 month ago

noirlee (avatar)

noirlee oh my! it looks freezing. how cold is it ?

1 month ago

justpeachy (avatar)

justpeachy @poopiemookie I have to agreeeee 😅

@mrsergul aww and she was so so so happy!

@noirlee -9 give or take! But didn’t feel cold cos we had good gear on!

1 month ago

aredcardigan (avatar)

aredcardigan Awwww I love the first pic of Maddie looking like a lil hamster with a cute nose!

1 month ago

kobuang (avatar)


1 month ago

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