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April 2019

Maddie felt a bit warm the day before, but I thought it was from playing. Then yesterday she felt warmer and we remembered that the fever from her vaccination was due to come last week but didn’t so it might be it.Our GP said it can happen anywhere from two to four weeks after but the first dose it was two weeks after and she burned for two days and was hugging me for two days.

On days when Maddie acts up I really do feel shitty as a mom. What went wrong, why is she behaving this way, what did I do wrong and what didn’t I do enough of. I know that all kids has phases and misbehaves but I worry I lean on this too much and ignore what’s actually a problem.

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Was looking through my old posts to find some info for @shaufun and stopped to ogle at pics of Maddie as a bub!5.5 months here 😍

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Decided on a whim that I should finish up writing about our dec - jan japan trip cos the next one is already coming up wtf. There were so many cute pics of Maddie in the snow I feel like posting even though I don’t know how many more dayre days I have in me tbh.I hear we’ll have to start paying soon? I have nothing against that only that I doubt that I will. I’m way more active on my instagram although I don’t get to tell grandmother stories there.

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I’ve changed my banana pancake recipe lately thank to a tip from Jye! Add a cube of frozen spinach in!The only problem is, and I’m facing now, is that I have to wait till the cube has melted before I can make Maddie breakfast. I told B to take it out when he wakes up cos he is up earlier but he forgot.He did cut some apples for M though so not too bad but I always try to have M have her breakfast as soon as possible so it’s not too close to lunch.

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