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3 monsters. secret dual lives

May 2019

Havent felt so so so exhausted in ages.I was either speed walking or running. Woke up 7.30, left hm 7.45am to go marketing. Fridge n freezer empty! Got hm 8.35am, put things in fridge n freezer, fed alex some breakfast, downed a teh peng and out of the door by 9.15am.15mins late!Bus, train to city square to restock. Run frm interchange to train station then speed walk between train stations wtf. Was so sweaty by the time i got to the shop

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When ah lau tells me stuff like this randomly....I either get suspicious he gg drop a bomb on me, or he really really got nothing to do and just decided to think abt me n think how lucky he is hahahahhaBut made my day. Made everything and anything so much easier to bear cos got him.

Emotionally laden week. People coming. People going. People hanging in there. Latest news to hit me is a friend who is doing not so good. Ironically, my sister and I have switched friends. The ones closest to me have now become her friends and vice versa. Says alot about my friends in a good way ok. We don't catch up, we don't know what is going on in each others' lives but when we need each other, we are there.So heavy hearted today. So many wait n sees.

March 2019

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4 kids, 2 genders, 7 years of clothes.It took me 9 hrs to sort, fold and pack. This system shld last me another 2 yrs. So tired. Then had to pack orders.Annoyed at ah lau cos no help rendered frm him today at all. I did no biz related work. Just house and home work. Too late to even meal plan. So back to whatever I can whip up next week.

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It's 3pm. Woke up at 7.30am-fed alex, left her in room with ah lau.-did laundry- swiff whole house- wash common toilet- tidy up play area- hang laundry- mop dining room n living room by hand cos fucking mop cannot clean up crayon marks n what nots. - pack more stuff, take photo of stuff to sell, play with alex- kids are home, feed alex, she naps- go buy lunch, eat lunch- wash 2nd load of laundry- wash dishes- keep first load of laundry, hang 2nd load- now...sort kids clothes

February 2019

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This one..so so talkative these days. But so fun to be with when she is so responsive.Also means she is staying awake longer n i got lesser time to do stuff!Sorta. When her siblings entertain her, I can also do stuff

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