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Que Sera Sera

January 2019

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TEM & YSL Lipsticks

The 3 pieces thing will start after CNY because I was set free today😂 after #TEM changed their sales tactic from 3 to 6 pieces, it’s so much easier to cave in?!It used to be 15 pieces 9 years ago!! Those were the days where people truly shared and some hit 30+ pieces?! The worst part was when they bought so much and they sold it at higher prices at the Scape fleas downstairs🤦🏻‍♀️

Of past memories and relationships

The past 10 years have passed really quickly. And, I feel like I’ve aged by at least 20 mentally. Looks wise, probably 12-14 years? The adulting life is insanely crazy. I’ve been really nostalgic, it feels so saddening that some of the stories I’ve told are already 10 years old. It still feels like yesterday.

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Clothes, Clothes, Clothes

So, I Kon-Maried my wardrobe and threw out at least a hundred pieces of item. And my tiny ass wardrobe is still full wtf😭 At least all my clothes can be hung instead of folded now. Another 9 pieces of clothing with the tailor and 1 more arriving in the mail. I blame Carousell’s Brandy Melville group and my email subscriptions.

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