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April 2019

One step at a time.

It is well with my soul.- - -You don’t know what you’re capable of unless you’ve gone through a lot of pain; I think that is true.- - -Thank God really that even in a funeral we can laugh and smile through tears as we celebrate the deceased’s bright shining life.

会再见吗?- 为你心痛的我。

Suicide.- - -How do you know why it happens? It makes me want to watch 13 reasons why, to see, sadistically, hopelessly, if there’s a chance for me to take a smidgen of the blame even as far from your intimate circle as I am. But you were a bright candle flame in the darkest times. And now that flame is forever snuffed out, by a cold quiet intake of breath and a final leap. Your release from life has turned into the dead of night for all of us.

Finding out about a death especially a peer at the age of 27 is a shock that pings through your entire self and leaves you hollowed, like a tree shot through by lightning on a sunny day.You had so much brightness to offer, and that cast a ray of sunshine over the shadows present. There were brimming eyes and blank faces. Some huddled to cry together, others sat silently to process this grief. Laughter too, as we remember you.Why did you have to jump? But now, we’ll never know.

March 2019

Starting reading habits to widen my perspectives

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