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Redeemed by grace 67158

April 2018

God is the best author of life.

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I don't always get a message but yesterday I was reminded that I have a purpose. And I've been praying for clarity to know what I am made for. But our discussion brought home that I don't need to know it now - as long as God knows. I just need to pray and trust God for the way ahead.

March 2018

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LB BN tweed skirt wardrobe malfunction 😭

I REALLY CANNOT TODAY.Finally slogged through one month with my manager away and today is my celebration and exclamation of joy.So I happily asked a colleague to twin with me and both of us wore zipper skirts to work this morning.I carefully matched two items from my favouritest local brand, #lovebonito, on which I've spent thousands in the past 5 years. Oh, words cannot express how much I rely on LB to come through for me.- Olina Origami Peplum Top - Beatryce Tweed Zipper Pencil Skirt

January 2018

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LB & OSN // Devo

When you told me I look good in this #lovebonito x #oursecondnature ensemble, I was really pleased.Still hesitating about whether to keep this beauty of a bustier top in black also - which I got thanks to @fluffybunny my beloved girlfriend in arms. BOTH ARE LOVELY.The ruffles cascade down gracefully and draw attention away from the arms, essentially making me look slimmer than I am.And the pants are aaaaamazing. Zumba has made my butt perkier imo 😳 and this showcases that to perfection.

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I missed out one photo so there will be two today.Thankful for a beloved friend who wants me to look my best and tells me when something I fell in love with is back in stock ❤️ you know who you are darling.

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Kick starting a photo a day to keep the memories arrayed, with things I want to remember and see in time to come.Today my two younger sisters cooked lunch for me, and B queued 30 minutes in the hot coffee shop to bring me the 幼面 I was craving for.I am loved, and having such a problematic immune system brings that to light.

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