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Laughter in daily doses please.

June 2019

Mothering is HARD. I already have it easier than most mothers, seeing as my nursing background enables me to care for my newborn more competently than others. 3hrly feeds and engorged boobs maybe be tiring and painful but I already have a wealth of resources like friends who are mothers and a supportive husband who straight away looked online to search for sunflower lecithin for me, so this wasn't too bad as well.

7th June 8pmMucus plug dropped8th June 12amStarted having more regular contractions, starting timing them.5 minutes apart by 1am holy so fast.Called delivery suite and went over after a quick shower. Even had time for Ivan to put a face mask.Wheeled to the delivery ward where they strapped me up on the CTG, pain score was about 7/10 then, and it seemed that the interval was shortening. Pain went up to about a 8 or 9 by then wtf.#dayrepregnancy

I never thought of myself as impatient before but this waiting around to pop is getting quite nervewrecking. 38 weeks today and it is so so hard to walk and sleep. Sleep is horrible i literally sleep in broken blocks of 2hours with at least 4-5 times of getting up to pee. The worst thing is actually the restless leg syndrome its legit frustrating to be having that sensation and having to keep kicking about plus the near leg cramps.

May 2019

37 weeks and stretch marks are starting to appear, despite the religious application of stretch marks oils and creams and fervent praying that I somehow inherited my mama genes of having zero stretch marks ๐Ÿ˜ญWalking is getting to be such a exhausting thing with pelvic pains and constant pressure on the bladder, and the increase aching of my calves. I really took my pre pregnancy stamina for granted, and I miss it so much now wtf.

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#dayrehomes post!!Finally settled baby's room decor and furnishings, just in time for 36weeks, as I become less and less mobile.Cot from babyhood australia, cabinet from Ikea, blue trolley from ikea to store baby changing station items like wipes, diapers, cotton balls etc.

Coming down with a cough again whats new. Honestly getting hard to move around with this belly and the permanent fullness of my bladder I feel like being a lump on bed till baby pops out.On a brighter note, the hubs is back!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ it wasn't that hard being apart for 2 weeks but when he is back you realise how much you miss this person and his smell!

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