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updated 10 months ago

Exported my posts to Wordpress!

Haven’t managed to export my Dayre posts over to Wordpress because I only just found out about the function. LOL. This is what being away from social media for 5 days do to you.

But anyway!

New post over at! 💛

Also very active on @joycesayshelloagain on IG because it’s awesome for bite sized updates on the go!

My Bali trip happenings will be done over there so hop by and follow my site if you wanna get notifications of my new updates and future TTR preview posts! 👋🏻

Trying out now and can I just say... IT IS GOD DAMN AMAZING???? 😩😩😩

The creator is taking in donations (non obligatory) on gogetfunding, and I’m definitely gonna go make a small contribution. Bless the kind soul who did this. 😭

I’m so happy blogging now, knowing that my posts can be easily backed up over there!

If you’re unable to find me on WP, go to “Reader” at the bottom of your app screen, then tap on “Followed sites” and click on “Manage”.

Type “” and you’ll be following me! 😊

I’m still thinking if I should write like... a last post on Dayre before I bid adieu.


But, also dk what to write. Lolol.

Loving my wordpress dp!


Day 55

Saturday, 24 Feb 2018

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tofulove (avatar)

tofulove Hehe see you there!!

10 months ago

joycesayshello (avatar)

joycesayshello @tofulove 👋🏻 cyaaa!!

10 months ago

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