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ColourPop Fall πŸ’„

Spent my morning studying for my comms midterm and errrrrr I think I did fairly well. The paper seemed simple enough but I don't know how I would fare against the cohort lah. πŸ˜…

I was supposed to study yesterday but I had a migraine. The worst I've ever experienced and I almost vomited. So studying wasn't an option. I just napped and rolled around in bed until I felt better at midnight.

By then, it was bed time.

I went to bed in hopes that I would wake up early at 8 am to study but nooooope the rain interrupted my sleep at 6 am. 😩 To sum up, everything didn't go as planned because of my migraine. URGH. Thankfully I used the app "Quizlet" to study on the go.

It's amazing for lazy people like me!! Haha.

My test ended about half an hour ago and right now I'm just waiting for time to pass because I can only collect my core mid term paper at 2.30 pm. 😩

What's in my bag. LOL.

I'm super auntie because.... look at my water bottle and the NTUC plastic bag for my wet umbrella. This is my true self. πŸ˜‚

Came home to #colourpop! 😍

Funny enough, this was the free international shipping package. The first ColourPop order I placed a week earlier is not even here yet. It only arrived at the ezbuy warehouse yesterday and I'm collecting it later.

So inefficient, ezbuy!

L-R: Baracuda, Frick N Frick, Lovebug

πŸ’„ Baracuda

This is the perfect fall shade!! I think it's very wearable in the day even though it seems dark. Super comfortable because it is an ultra satin lippie.

πŸ’„ Frick N Frack

This shade looks almost identical to baracuda on the lips but it is quite different if you look closely. FNF is more brown while baracuda is redder!

There isn't much of a difference la haha. So I guess if you have FNF you can skip on baracuda and vice versa.

Also, this 3 gorgeous shadows from the dusty rose collection. 😍

Love them all! Think they would look really pretty used together. #dayrebeauty #joycelynxcolourpop

Day 281

Friday, 7 Oct 2016

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reginakohh (avatar)

reginakohh @joycelynthiang hey joycelyn!! Are you taking sampling and survey this semester!! Haha

2 years ago

joycelynthiang (avatar)

joycelynthiang @reginakohh yes!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you too?

2 years ago

reginakohh (avatar)

reginakohh @joycelynthiang HAHAHAH ya!! Ok the only and only time where the LT is packed with students πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

2 years ago

joycelynthiang (avatar)

joycelynthiang @reginakohh haha ya!! The LT is still very empty now πŸ˜…

2 years ago

reginakohh (avatar)

reginakohh @joycelynthiang haha okie!! Hopefully it remains that way until 4.30 pm lol. I'm still at lakeside, I hope to reach sch on time!! 😫

2 years ago

sherilynn (avatar)

sherilynn So excited to receive my baracuda now!! And I regret not getting the matte eyeshadow now 😒 I only bought Muse

2 years ago

Makeupcraze (avatar)

Makeupcraze Swatch love bug too please! I was wondering if barracuda is similar to love bugπŸ€”

2 years ago

joycelynthiang (avatar)

joycelynthiang @Makeupcraze πŸ˜‚ forgot to swatch that one!! Tomorrow ☺️

@sherilynn you can always get it another time!

2 years ago

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