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Pre-wedding Photography (Part 1)

Here's one lil sneak peak into the styling part. It's been 1 1/2 hours. My backside numb di. 😓

Owh noes...looks like it's going to rain. Praying that it doesn't!

Husband getting his make up done for the very first time and he stop to asked me if his eyebrows were too thick.

My very own silver pair of shoe to match the white gowns. Not like it's going to be seen in our pre wedding pictures.


I am officially exhausted! Non stop shooting since 11am till now. Already did 3 change of dresses. Another 1 more shoot to go for a night shot scene which will start at 7pm.

So far, the weather has been good. Thank you for not raining on my parade.

Will be posting lil sneak peeks soon.

My first hair style for a dress that's slightly on the heavier side. This dress had a keyhole back. Didn't manage to take a back shot of it but I super love the back.

Super love the hairdo for the 2nd outfit and yup that is one very long hair extension. My awesome makeup artist, Elynn did an incredible job styling my hair. She knows exactly what I wanted. 😍

I must say, the hair color didn't turn out to be so bad after all. I thought it would look horrible under the sun but it actually turned out pretty nice.

I should have done more back workouts to get that sexy back...owh well...

3rd change for a baba nyonya style. Eu-Gene kept insisting he wanted that because we both have a lil baba nyonya blood in us.

And for the final change, I wanted something a lil more wild. So they went crazy with the whole red lipstick and super heavy eyeshadow.

I cannot not have red lipstick!

Overall, I think their service is not too bad.

The only thing I dislike was the part where they were not being very honest. Since it was a bridal fair, all they wanted was to seal the deal and they will definitely tell you all the good stuff. I guess it also depends on which sales person you are dealing with. Each have their own way of upselling you things.

Apparently that sales person who I was dealing with left and things were just messy.

I believe some time back, I wrote about my dissapointment with Anovia Bridal, Penang and that they wanted to upsell me on the gowns to get the really super nice ones.

I remember stating very clearly to them at the fair that I DO NOT want to be thrown additional add on costs during my photoshoot and I was given assurance that it will not happen.

They only informed me that I needed to pay for my own ampoules so my make up will last longer and sponges for the face to apply foundation and stuff.

They obviously didn't inform me that I needed to get some sort of body lotion to be applied from my neck down so that my face skin tone will look the same as my body because of the difference in color when applying make up and apparently you have to get it!

Owh and the ampoules for the face is not 1 bottle which I thought I only needed one.

I was told I had to use 3 bottles of it which cost RM50 each! 3 for me and 2 for Eu-Gene. That's like additional RM250! I obviously felt cheated and I didn't know!

Honestly I don't hear anyone else from Anovia ever complaining about their experience but I sure hell am making noise about it. Call me stingy I don't care but when it comes to spending money, I would think very carefully before making a decision.

Day 275

Friday, 2 Oct 2015

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lydiaa (avatar)

lydiaa @joycecsi hi, i signed up with anovia too.. came across your dayre post on your experience with them for the gown selection 😱 wondering did u top up in the end for the gowns of your choice?

3 years ago

joycecsi (avatar)

joycecsi Hi @lydiaa , what package did you signed up for and what did they offer you? I was told to not take the upgraded package because it was not worth it at all. After expressing my disappointment with the service, they have decided to upgrade my gowns to designer but it won't be a brand new one. Good enuff for me.

3 years ago

lydiaa (avatar)

lydiaa @joycecsi for my AD I'm given 1 wedding gown and 2 evening gowns..also normal series..I'm starting to worry now lol..before this i saw another dayre post about anovia too..stating that there's not really alot of varieties for their evening gowns..for pre-wedding, did u go outdoor? Hope that ur shooting today is a fun one 😊

3 years ago

joycecsi (avatar)

joycecsi @lydiaa it's true, their evening gown selections are pretty limited. Not much variety to choose from. I only briefly went through the evening series range but I don't think I found anything that would suit my taste. Maybe you might actually find something you like from there. Yup I did outdoors. I had an awesome time but feeling super exhausted!

3 years ago

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