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no wisdom here. only words.

March 2017

Like a bad marriage, the Plaintiffs experienced problems with St Elena almost immediately after the handover of the yacht.

I always praise those who do well and make sure that they are never seen to have benefitted from flattering me. In fact if they try to tell me how wonderful I am I punish them so that they realise that this kind of nonsense is not to their advantage and that they would do better to work hard and deliver results.

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Lunch is fusilli with scallops and vine tomatoes.

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My mother makes these Hainanese kueh once a year for Qing Ming. It has peanuts and coconut in it.

Anything that is done by men who have no hope is done badly.

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On receiving judgement -One of the last things I did before I left work was to call someone to deliver good news.Before we hung up, he said, "I would like to personally thank you for what you have done for me. You were very good and very professional."The fact that this is probably the last time I will ever speak with him made it all the more special, the fact that I have done something right so that one lay person can go away thinking that there is some good in the system.

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