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March 2018

I was just telling my trainee about how I have never been any good at participating in stuff in school due to my social awkwardness and how that really sticks with you through life.School had always been a problem for me not because of the studying and stress to do well but more because of the need and pressure to participate in stuff from co-curricular activities, class councils, society in general.

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You know that you are spending way too much time at work when your Associate suggests that you sign up for Spotify as a family package with her, with our office address listed as the residential address.

When viewing accident videos -10 seconds in: Nothing is happening20 seconds in: Nothing is happeningPicks up glass and drinks water, looking away from screen.Opps. Missed it.

I went for drinks with someone I know from Court yesterday evening. It was quite a last minute thing and he had a friend with him.Three whiskey sodas later, we decided to leave. The two men I was with got a bit flustered trying to figure out the logistics of how I was going to get home since we all lived in different directions and only my friend drove.Don't worry about it, said I. I'll just call a cab and troop home by myself.

"For the last two weeks I have been feeling this...ennui...""Sorry, can't help you. Don't understand the meaning of that word."

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诸事不宜 -The cheenapiang calendar says we should all go home and hide.

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