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no wisdom here. only words.

November 2018

I like to think that I put in a lot of effort because I care about what's right.But I am only one person. There is a limit to how many people I can sweep up and carry through with me.I cannot tell you how to feel and if I tell you how you should be feeling, it's just not the same.All I know is that more people need to care. If not, you just all deserve the shithole that you find yourself in.

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My mama's bday celebration at British Hainan restaurant!

One of A's friends came up to me yesterday and asked me why A has a Nokia mobile phone."Oh, her daddy bought it for her because she travels by herself sometimes so it's for us to contact her when she is alone," I replied."I want an iPhone but my daddy say cannot," said she. Then she pointed at my iPhone on the table and said, "You have an iPhone!""That's right. My office gave it to me to check emails. So I guess maybe you need to get a job so your office can give you an iPhone."

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It was fun!!!But I think my arms are now dead.

I went to a Splits workshop on Saturday morning while my kids were at a bday party. It was basically 2 hours of hamstring stretch yoga.Then on Sunday morning, I did my usual swim while the kids were at swim class. Can I just say that my legs are dead today?And I kinda have to go to an acroyoga hen party tomorrow.😖On the splits front, I am definitely much more open than I was a year ago but still not quite. I just need to keep plugging at it, I guess.

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