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no wisdom here. only words.

November 2018

I think I am in a phase of my life where the leaders of tomorrow are getting closer to age to me and because I actually know some of these people personally or professionally, I am in a constant state of disillusion.

You know you have been working together too long when your boss can pick out your luggage bag from the belt in the airport without having ever seen it before."That must be your bag right?""How'd you know?!""Looks like something you'd buy."

People who make stupid lawyer jokes at me after I have been introduced to them as a lawyer are just shitty. Like stupid friends of stupid ex-boyfriends who say shit like, "Wah! You guys sure will have a lot of arguments!" or idiots who gang up against me in Scrabble because "Lawyers sure very good with word games" ...the list is endless.Today's "joke" was: Can't be friends with lawyers coz they're always so fighty... just kidding! Get over yourself. Don't make your insecurities my problem.

I like to think that I put in a lot of effort because I care about what's right.But I am only one person. There is a limit to how many people I can sweep up and carry through with me.I cannot tell you how to feel and if I tell you how you should be feeling, it's just not the same.All I know is that more people need to care. If not, you just all deserve the shithole that you find yourself in.

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My mama's bday celebration at British Hainan restaurant!

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