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no wisdom here. only words.

I have quite a bit of social anxiety and am socially awkward as hell. When I am asked to have lunch with someone new for example, I will usually ask someone else I am comfortable with along or I will fret about it needlessly in the days leading up to it.To cope, I developed some Safe Spaces. There are some places I can go to or some things I can do to take myself to a headspace where I feel less stressed out and anxious.

Husband to the Cats -"Why do you guys expect to get five-star treatment when you consistently behave like one-star airbnb customers??"

I asked my colleague out for lunch and he sends me an outlook calendar invite.I don't get this outlook calendar invite thing. Why can't he just walk two doors down around lunchtime and knock?🤨

Stress and retail therapy over the years -In my second month of practice, I bought 3 pairs of shoes during lunchtime on different days from boutiques around my office.One dismal night in my 3rd year of practice, I walked into Prada and bought the pinkest bag I ever saw. I did not know how much it cost till my bank sent me a text message when my card was swiped. Pink was not even my colour.

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