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January 2019

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Not really feeling very up today. Here's a picture of Igor the cat in a rare pensive moment.I will get through today with Beethoven's Waldstein. Just keep going. It takes hard work to soar.

I just suggested to (previously) Thursday concall guy that he should visit Chinatown when he asked me what he should do to experience the Lunar New Year atmosphere.😂😂😂 What have I done!!!

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The Sunday night dinner -Garlic butter salmon with asparagus and baby corn

For a second day in a row, a cousin called for legal advice.The perks of being the only lawyer in the family is that you get to know of all of these problems of family members which you otherwise wouldn't know. You also have a working knowledge of the intestate succession act and at least one will of a family member at your house for safekeeping.

One of my relatives called me about a legal problem today. After a long-ish discussion, he suddenly said:不要跟你爸爸讲啊!That really made me laugh like hell.

I couldn't get to sleep last night because I jolted awake at 2am wondering whether one of my Writs have expired for service. Thereafter, I slept intermittently and was completely wasted when I finally got out of bed.When I got into work, I found out that I still have about 3 weeks of validity and heaved a sigh of relief before putting in an application for extension of time.Thank goodness for internal warning systems!

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