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no wisdom here. only words.

May 2017

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I was lying on the floor trying to get a bit of quiet before having to get the circus on the road for violin class when I felt someone furry bump me on the head and lick my hair. I turned and saw the transactional Chinese Cat giving me some love, outside of our usual transactions. Maybe she could sense how much I was under this week.

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One of the witnesses at my trial yesterday was a piano teacher.During the break, my opponent was telling us about how he has a neighbour who has gone senile. She could not remember anything at all but when she sat at the piano, she was able to play songs from her head without a score. She played beautifully, with the grace that she used to posses in all areas of her life before, like an echo from the past, bittersweet.

My life of late has been an endless stream of writing submissions, hearings, teeth gnashing and feet stamping.I am soooo worn out I sometimes spend minutes at my desk staring blankly, in quiet despair.I need to survive till next Tuesday, then it will all marginally improve.

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Grumpy cat, grumpy cat, what are they feeding you?

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Get outta my face, Human!

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