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October 2017

My father's last remaining sibling, his elder sister, passed away on Sunday evening.She apparently had a stroke some 1 or 2 months ago and when she was ready to be discharged, she suffered a second stroke which the doctors could not operate on because she was 79 years old. Her children then asked to have her discharged to go home.

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Have a swishy tail-ed day!

It's funny how the decision for this file, the last straw, was released on your last day of employment.I won. It was hard fought, made harder by the fact that you had essentially abandoned ship with this file.You left a voucher from my yoga studio with L to pass to me for all of the yoga classes I cancelled dealing with your issues.I left it on your empty desk.You can't buy your way out of this. I don't need anything from you anymore.

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Trying out a new place for lunch.It's in Little India and the traffic was crazy so we just parked in the nearest car park and walked.

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This is a photo of me queuing up to get into the Temple of Debod.Check out that insane happiness!

Landed this morning and went in to put in a coupla hours of work so I don't die tomorrow.*The problem with drunk colleagues -After Friday's dinner, I was standing at the end of a long queue for the female washroom when my colleague came along and decided to save me."There is a cubicle in the gents! Come! I will escort you so you don't need to queue!"Reassured that he would stay to fend off the male users of the toilet, I went with him.

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