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no wisdom here. only words.

January 2019

I get into this inexplicable rage when my technology doesn't work for me. I don't understand it but it has occurred to me over the years that technology makes me wanna commit more random acts of violence than the time before when I am just sitting in a library reading case reports and scribbling into the margins of textbooks.Then there are all the times I get distracted by my phone when I set out to read my book at lunch.

Me: Can I just say that the trainee is not for you to pass off all your work to? I just saw someone trying to do that this morning.She: Should I adminster the stern warning to said person?Me: No. Because a trainee also needs to learn how to navigate the wasteland known as her colleagues. So I will do nothing. Just see my unimpressed face here.

Me: Can you try to draft this defence?Trainee: Sure! When do you need it by?Me: This is your first piece of work right? Given that it is not as if you have work coming out from your ears, how about as soon as possible?Yes, it's trainee season again...

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Trying out a new Chinese restaurant for dinner!

Child A:Dearest Mummy:Harlo. Please, a half-boiled egg for breakfast, please. E got homesick today. At least now, besides flashing her smile, she nods...Also, I'm art monitress now. Love you!Best regard, A

Notes from my children -Child S:I had a BAD day. I didn't make ANY friends. I DIDN'T even talk in school today. NOT used to (new class). Can I have a half boiled egg tomorrow???-Dear S,I am so sorry about your bad day. Maybe you can comfort yourself by remembering that a Jojo loves you anyway. I hope that it will get better with time. If not, you could always be best friends with your textbooks. They won't argue back. Love, Mummy

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