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updated 1 month ago

So I got diagnosed with GD 😭

I am not sure if my gynae is just strict or I really failed it because she told me to visit the dietician

My results as she described over the phone

1. Fasting: >= 92mg/dl or >= 5.1 mmo1/L
My result: 72 / 4.1

2. 1 hour: >= 180mg/dl or >= 10.0mmo1/L
My result: 182 / 10.1

3. 2 hour: >= 153mg /dl or >= 8.5 mmo1/L
My result: 122 / 6.8

So I failed the 2nd one... she still diagnosed me as GD... is my situation really that bad?


Day 101

Thursday, 11 Apr 2019

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