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updated 3 months ago

Need some advice on pregnancy weight gain!

When I went in to the gynae at week 6 - I remember I was at about 54.X kg. It was higher than my usual 53kg weight because I had just came back from Korea and I ate a lot!!

From week 7 onwards I started vomiting due to the morning sickness. Some days I could keep my food down, some days I couldn’t. I remember losing almost 2 kg by week 8 appointment

By week 13 when I went back to my gynae appointment, I remember I gained back a bit. was hovering almost 53kg.

Today at 18W0D I weighed myself almost after 4 weeks from the last weigh in - 53.4kg

Week 6: 54.X kg
Week 8: 51.X kg
Week 13: 53 kg
Week 18: 53.4kg

#dayrepregnancy just wondering is it normal to have 0 nett weight gain at week 18. Wondering if I am eating the right thing. My appetite is pretty much back to normal already thoug

Day 55

Sunday, 24 Feb 2019

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chermy (avatar)

chermy Hiya! I'm at week 18 and I'm at nett 0 weight gain too.. No worries though? Some people only start gaining after 20 weeks. At least that seems to be the norm in my family so genetics maybe?

3 months ago

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