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August 2019

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I am soooo tired 😴Went to my colleague’s place for a celebratory gathering bc it’s one of my colleagues’ last day :( even though I’ve been in this new branch for only slightly more than a month, I’ve gotten close to most of the people here and it’s so sad to see one of us leave. Good times always come to an end 😭4am now and I’m finally back in bed lol. Wondering how I’m gonna get up for work tmr 😦

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Help... my time of the month is here and I’m crippled with cramps lol. It’s so bad that I decided to just stay home today. Got no time to be dealing with stupid customers when I’m in pain 🙁

I overslept this morning 😪 It’s not even like I slept late last night or anything. I just felt damn nua and didn’t wanna get out of bed. I thought I pressed the snooze button but apparently my fingers hit the off button instead... gg haha.In office now and still feeling half asleep. Time for my coffee fix.

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So lazy to go back to work today after a long weekend 🙃Even though the long weekend was just over, I can’t wait for the next 3 days to pass just so that I can nua at home again for the weekend lol.最近還過得好嗎?有時會突然的想起你在做什麼 有吃飯嗎 夠睡嗎這樣的生活看來要過好一段日子才會習慣

Every single day, I feel weighed down by the overwhelming guilt for the pain I’ve put you through. For walking away from a decade long relationship and leaving you hanging. For not being able to become the person I promised you I will be.I don’t want you to think that it’s easy for me though, because it isn’t. We’ve both poured so much into this relationship, we’ve both tried our fucking hardest. But sometimes love just isn’t enough.

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