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February 2019


Walking back from the marketI have my earphones onLost in a song I loveI sing to myselfNot knowing my karung guni uncleIs right behindGiggling away at my solo concertHe finally gets my attentionMimes enthusiastic clappingI pretend-bowHe stopsAsks after the dogsSays ten new year greetingsTo which I can only reply with one

And Then The Bell Clatters

I get to work hours before my first class begins.While I enjoy being with my kids and doing the one (and perhaps only) thing I know I’m actually good at doing, I really appreciate being all alone for those few hours too.I play my music in the background.I potter around the classroom.I clear my marking.I look through my planner.

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Kua Kui Dam Po

Was having breakfast on my own at Toast Box when the lady I was sharing a table with asked how old I was. I was a bit taken aback but recently I've been quite friendly to strangers so I told her I was 39 this year. She is likely in her 50s and she visibly balked and stuttered that I didn't look above 23. (Hehehe)Turns out she had wanted to matchmake me with her son!!

Mr Lim Bo Seng

The other night during my mum's birthday dinner, we were talking about a neighbour who threatened my brother. We were very much younger then, I think my brother was 12 and I was 16. Our upstairs neighbour got it into his head that he wanted to know me, and so on a day that he found himself alone with my brother, he asked my brother what my name was.

January 2019

What The What

I was having dinner with my mum when my dad called. I got a bit alarmed when it seemed like my dad was unwell based on my mum's responses so I tried to eavesdrop to figure out what was wrong. It was not easy.

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