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August 2019

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You Will Always Be In My Words

Glad I decided that in 2019 I would learn how to play the piano. Am still struggling and am still not very good at it, but on some days, it is good company. It forces me to stop thinking about everything else, it makes me realise what creeps into my mind when I am too hard on myself. Sometimes, when I manage to play a song through without any mistakes at all, it tells me things will find a way to work themselves out.

July 2019

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The Water Lotus; A Story

出淤泥而不染,濯清涟而不妖Even though it emerged from mud it is not stained, even though it is bathed in pure water it is not vain. ::

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Moving On

Today was the completion for the sale of my little apartment at Windsor. It was an apartment I had financed, and was a lovely home for a few years before I rented it out. My favourite part of the apartment was the garden and my porch. It was where I would read the papers and my books and where I would hang out with Scout to watch the birds that would land in my garden to eat the feed I put out for them. Chickens and roosters came to my garden every morning too.

June 2019

On Bitterness // 吃苦

My fridgeFilled with gifts ofStyrofoam boxesSealed in cellophane Red markers indicate on lidsSuccinctly What lies beneath: 猫 24Each box opensA different colour And taste "I know you like bitterBut life can be sweetDurian bitter can already Life don't need to be."

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Becoming A Member of Pawliament

Since it will be announced sooner or later, perhaps I should just share here that yes, I will be in the running to become a MP come the next election. As you can imagine, it has been a busy season trying to garner votes.

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My Very Heart-Stopping Morning

Hello everyone on this lovely rainy Tuesday. How has your day been? I have been fine. Except I nearly had a heart attack this morning. Ok. A bit of backstory first. I am a bit of a U2 fan. For those too young to know about U2 please close this page and I don't know, have an acai bowl or something.So yes, I am a bit of a U2 fan. The fly to Chicago to watch their 360 tour kind of fan.So when I saw that they were coming to Singapore, I kinda had a bit of a meltdown.

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