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February 2018

If you are not helping, then shut up and don't even comment. I have been busy for the whole cny and what did you do? NOTHING except for watching tv and using your phone.

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The shunbian flowers handpicked and arranged by the husband. Not bad ah.

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Happy Vday. We don't really celebrate this day cos it is just marketing gimmick. And so we had a rather expensive Japanese dinner last weekend and I said: Let's shunbian take this as Vday dinner.Today the husband needs to help out at his mum's shop (she's a florist btw). He said he will shunbian pick some flowers and wrap up for me. Ya, we are a very shunbian couple. What to do. We have been stuck to each other for a decade already. The novelty had long worn off, haha!

Dayre is closing!!!!Joining on the bandwagon and am now on WP.I'm using the same handle cos too lazy to create a new one. You can also find me on IG as I am more active over there @Joey.lym.Bye Dayre, I will miss you. 😭😭😭

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Went grocery shopping and this boy grabbed a new toy from the aisle. And...The toy came home with us. Lucky it wasnot expensive. Guess gotta set some rules when we are out shopping.

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