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Pineapple Shaped Cake 🍍

UUHHHH.. My first post in a few months... HAHAHA sorry for disappearing. I wanted to update my last post in Germany but I had limited data + the wifi at our hotel was SO bad I couldn't even Whatsapp 😂😂😂

Then I just lost touch ooooops.

But anyway, I figured I should continue updating, also as a quick convenient online diary for myself hehe. I always prefer blogging because it somehow feels more... Legit... But it's too time consuming 😭😭 I wonder where all my free time is going to!?!

This month is pretty exciting, I got 3 orders coming up in the next few weeks and one of which is for my friend's cousin's wedding! We're having a mini dessert table, and I'm super nervous about it because it's my first time doing an entire spread. But hopefully things turn out fine! My friend is settling the DIY design stuff so I can just focus on the bakes. Phew, my design sense is not that good leh....

I'll share what I make when the time comes! 😊

So anyway for this post I think I'll share a cake I did for my Jiefu's birthday a couple of weeks back..

It's a pineapple cake!

It's just shaped like a pineapple but it's actually chocolate cake inside 😂

My sis held a birthday party for him, and we had a Pineapple theme! 🍍🍍🎂

I got inspired by this person I follow on Instagram, @cococakeland for this cake! (Her cakes are super cute, you guys can check it out)

I made 3 layers of 6" cake for the pineapple body.

I layered the cakes with a homemade black sesame spread because my jiefu likes black sesame!

The outside of the cake is frosted using Swiss meringue buttercream. (I think I included a recipe in the previous months. Scroll back to see!) I didn't add any other flavoring apart from vanilla, so it's good ol' vanilla buttercream!

So this was what I did:

1) Crumb coat the cake. Be sure to make it a bit thicker if your cake is of a dark color like mine.

2) Using a Wilton 1M or anything similar, just pipe the spikes of the pineapple on all around! (I used a "fake" one I got from some random market in Vietnam so the frosting didn't come out as an even shaped star.. The end result was a bit more spikey than I expected but ok, at least it's a pineapple)

^ oops bad image but lighting was horrible.

Anyway, once you're done just stick the cake in the fridge and prepare the eyes, mouth and pineapple head!

3) Melt some chocolate. I used chocolate compound. But any milk chocolate should be fine. Scoop them into a mini ziplock bag or plastic bag. (It's a really small quantity so I didn't want to waste a piping bag. If you have those type of deco pens you can use it too!)

4) Line a small plate with parchment paper or aluminum foil. Pipe out the eyes and the mouth. Customize it according to how you want the pineapple to look. :D :) :3 ^_^
(I usually end up melting more chocolate than needed so I do extra faces just in case the first one looks weird or I screw it up)

5) Pop it in the fridge for the chocolate to set

6) Trace the leaf onto an a4 green paper, and just cut it out. I eyeballed from @cococakeland Instagram image and it's not that difficult! (Refer to image above) Tape a satay stick to the back.

7) Remove chocolate and cake from fridge (make sure chocolate has set). Use fingers or tongs/tweezers, whatever that works for you to place the pineapple's eyes and mouth on. (Work quickly if you use your fingers. Chocolate will melt) Make sure to find the "nicest" side of the cake to put the face on!

Don't stick the leaf on until the cake needs to be displayed so you can transport it around easily.

Tadah!! Super easy right. My sis loved it, she said it's the cutest cake I've ever made hahahahaha. I'm still finding the "type" of cake that I prefer. Yknow how people go for fondant, some do sugar flowers, some go for the rustic look? I think I'm more of the cute cake type... I can't pull off most of the other more "professional" looking types, they end up looking not in any way that I imagined 😂😅

Okay gotta go! I'LL BE BACK hahahahaha

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Thursday, 1 Oct 2015

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jasminetas (avatar)

jasminetas love love love this cake! cutest cake ever! Duffy was number 2!

3 years ago

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