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Happy drives people 🤨😜

June 2019

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My princess new hat by her 舅舅, 舅母 and 姨姨 🤣. Love to see her smile when she see a lot of people. Even when seeing us playing mobile legend she’s happy ?!?! Haiyo, baby ah you melt so many people’s heart ❣

May 2019

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Thoughts 💭

Some things are just different although it can be initiated but what’s the point. It’s no longer like before so why do it for the sake of doing. Such feeling getting stronger each day .. to the extend I don’t even want to talk. 一眼也没看 一句也没说. Probably these matters to me a lot previously, perhaps not now. Because I know, I’ve tried. Try 累了自然而然 will don’t want to try 了吧.

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1st Mothers’ Day

Happy Mothers’ Day to all mama in the world and also me! After being a Mother, then I know “只要孩子开心 健康就行” the feeling of seeing her growing abit 不舍 yet sweet/happy. It’s really so amazing yet indescribable. #dayremummies

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Solid Food for Jewenna 😘

Menses came back during the hectic week when Jewenna was hospitalised. Thankful for #legendairymilk my supply dripped a little but milk is thicken now! Super happy and thankful to have found this supplements! #breastfeeding #dayremummies #dayrepregnancy

April 2019

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