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Love and kindness above everything else.

April 2019

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Craving for sheng Rou mian for the longest time but no I’m not gonna eat that today. Too lazy to take grab to go uptown just to eat that bowl of noodles. I’m going to 1u now for weekly groceries shopping and also to have my lunch. Couldn’t decide what to eat. Go noodle or Menya Musashi?

March 2019

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Just put on my upper row braces last night 🙃 I’m still feeling ok now, not too much of pain or sore. Doctor say he is trying to expand my upper row so that the tooth got space to move out, if it can’t be expand then I’ll need to extract 4 tooth. My darling 🦷, please please please be good and slowly move ur way ok so that I don’t need to extract. But most of them told me surely will kena extract one, extract d also good what, u will look nicer and ur jaw will go in also. Just remove them la 😒

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Day 3 of braces. My teeth are so so so soreeee. But I can feel they are feeling better compare to day 1. I try to chew on things but the moment when I start chewing, ops I straight away stop eating because so sour la. In these 3 days, I only ate oats at the morning, and porridge for lunch and dinner.

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