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February 2019

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January 2019

I just watched a clip about a mom suffering from dementia and couldn't recognise her own Son who was right in front of her asking 'who am I?'It was so sad. I suppose when ur own mom can't recognise u, yet u recognise her ... this thought I dont know what to say. Besides sad, Do u feel disappointed? Angry? Lost of identity? What's the feeling? Helpless? I don't know what is the right word. ---After being a mom, I get easily emotional at quiet nights like this.

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sentences forming

This hat is badly ruined but worth every penny of you having fun with it daily

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National Gallery Singapore

Spent a day at the wonderful National Gallery Singapore becuz big space for the LO to run ard, foc exhibitions and activities suitable for her age, indoors, air con, pram friendly, not crowded at all, cafe to fuel ourselves.. Hahahaa Asked my mom along since she's free and I get to spent some time with her plus she can help me tc of the LO. 😆The LO ran and played and talked so much. Yet didn't nap a wink till we are back home at 10pm. Break record. Up for 9 hours. Zzzzz

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