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Bkk day 3 started off with chatuchak!

Starting day 3 at chatuchak! The weather at bkk was pretty good and it wasn’t exceptionally hot or anything! Random stall to fill our tummy before shopping!~


We bought a pair each!!! Damn cute pompom! Mine in my favourite nautical colour!♥️

Featherstone cafe.


Too lazy to edit to square.

Random pictures cux the place was empty. Lol! Why reading menu while standing?!😂

Chio yet nice to drink!

this one more logical!

Random snaps of the food we had!

We hopped over to tealily! My favourite matcha brownie (din take a snap) became not nice anymore! So sad!!! This sweet potato was also meh leh.

Outside of emquartier!

Snapping away randomly

Hahah. The boomerang of this was damn funny!


Massage at infinity spa.

Our massage place recommended by Shihua! We were fashionably late again😂 quite a chio and shiok place. I did foot cux first day of period😭 and even for foot it’s individual space one. Not those in a shared room.

Mango sticky rice after the massage! Ended our session only at 11pm:x and we were wondering where to go for dinner! Lol! Luckily Shihua rem talad neon. Checked that they open till 1am and so off we went.

Late night dinner at talad neon!

Scallops cux seafood lovers around! Haha.

Fried fish!!!🐠 and we ordered up a storm! Cux last night in bkk!:( had omelette/ Thai basil pork with century eggs/ veg etc!

Our find at talad neon! We only started shopping at 12.30am. Half the stalls were closed liaos. Managed to buy quite some stuff though!😂 more willing to lower prices since we were the last customer for the day already. We haggle from 390 baht to 290 baht! (About $12 sgd!)

Day 44

Wednesday, 13 Feb 2019

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