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Hen’s night at violet oon and Conrad.

The main highlight of the night!!! Hen’s night party for meili!


Full squad!(:

The ceiling details is chio!!!♥️

Simple set up! I taobao the slash and the hairband during 11.11 or 12.12!(:

Kueh pie tee- nothing fantastic!

The ngoh hiong is okayish. I like my mum’s one more leh. Dint take pictures of the other food though but nothing was memorable. The dry laksa which is their signature is pretty similar to curry times!:x

This was my favourite! So after desserts, joy and I said we had to leave first! Hehehe. Can see the disappointment on Meili’s face! Actually is chiong back hotel to complete the decoration!

Joy did this!! Haha! Can’t find the pic with the fairy lights switched on!! Added the slash and the petals.

Pasted team bride balloons as well!

They brought her over after we were done!

They kept telling her got water!

Team bridesmaid.

Pic spam.



The next day🌚

发呆 at work on Saturday.

金元宝 for accessories cux too bored. Got it off the hamper in the office.

Shopping trip with the sis & belle after that! Cux got facial session at night!

Got these samples cux it’s oos everywhere in sg! Dint like it when I first used. Falling in love with this over time! Onto my second packet. One packet last me about 3 to 4 uses.

Thomas sabo red heart which I did buy in the end!

These girls are in Tiffany again. Feeling poor so I dint!

Adidas valentine’s day tee!!! Sis bought and I can fit in too! Yays!!!

Chio angbao with crystal eh!!! Bought their new launched earrings. Damn chiooo! Their designs are getting promising!👍🏻

My 满台♥️♥️♥️ xiano jio for mj! Cannot reject. Chiong home to change and bathe in 5 mins. Started our game at 12 midnight till about 5am? Or was it 4am? 😂 anyway...

Really cmi at my tuition class on Sunday!😭

Headed for Xinyi’s bd lunch at ding tai fung after that! And my first yusheng of 2019!

☺️ lunch and chit chat!

Totally KO when I went home!!! 2 nights without proper sleep can kill.

And then it was 除夕!

Sis and I headed out cux my mum say don’t disturb her! 🤷🏻‍♀️ right up our alley though.

OUR CONSTANT & never getting bored of it!

See this sis of mine. Very 败家。

But is chio lar.

Jadior earrings which she bought. And I get to benefit.

Back home for reunion dinner!♥️

My one and only ban ban of 2019!

A lot more ban luck.

Day 45

Thursday, 14 Feb 2019

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