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Wedding Vendors Review

Heyyyy! I don’t know who are the people reading this space, but I’ll still share and give you my reviews on the vendors I engaged for my wedding last year (1 Dec 2018). Here goes:

1. Digio Bridal (8/10)
What attracted me to signup with them was their range and the constant quarterly updates of new gowns (esp lacey ones), having the variety of nude blush coloured gowns and mermaid cuts one. It was the first boutique I stepped into, and I’m sold on the same day. Haha

Here’s the chosen AD gown. ♥️

Sweetheart neckline

Loving the texture of the mermaid bottom

Front view

Photoshoot time

Side feature - bridal kimono from Taobao πŸ‘πŸ»

So easy to walk, no lifting required

Another piece which I chose for Indoor PWS.

Almost shortlisted this, but was too big for me :(

Love at first side - my evening gown ♥️

But y 8/10, because the outdoor selection of gown was quite limited. I’m actually quite upset about it. And even more upset at myself for not enquiring more on the outdoor gowns before signing.
btb are usually excited abt the actual day gowns and think less of what they get to wear for outdoor shoot. So from this I’ve learnt, do ask to see their outdoor shoot gowns.

I really had a hard time finding smth I like to bring outdoor. πŸ˜…

On a side note, Tera/Daphne my coordinators are superb!! ♥οΈπŸ‘πŸ»

2. Pixioo Photography (9/10)
Love samuel’s work. He is also the only photographer that I insist on engaging for my PWS and AD (Husband no say) haha. For more of his style, can always check out his portfolio. Here are some of my pics taken by him:

My love

Pinterest feels haha

Family portrait ♥️


Candid beautifully captured imo haha

Samuel take a while to reply your texts, that’s the downside of engaging a popular photographer haha

3. Canary (10/10)
where I got my wedding engagement and bands from. Superb craftsmanship and not pushy! Unlike the popular JP. First meet up, my Husband was already asked to put a deposit. 🀨
Back to Canary, so many of my friends got their ring there as I recommend. Price is reasonable and it will be even better if you get your wedding bands after getting an engagement ring from them. That’s what we did (:

I love both my rings! ♥️

4. Mandarin Oriental (10/10)
Needless to say, food is always good! I’ve attended so many weddings, hardly do I hear guests walking out praising the banquet food (Cos mass production mah). BUT MANDARIN ORIENTAL, where we had ours, my guests were so impressed that they just poured praises for the food. The service from confirming our booking of banquet, to coordination at AD was close to flawless. The team were very well organised even tho my co was changed twice due to ppl resigning. πŸ˜…

The menu really made it memorable for my guests. Their dishes are pretty unlike usual banquet where you get your eefu noodle or one whole steamed sea bass.
Some example of the signature dishes we picked were:
1. Chilli Crab and mantous πŸ¦€ (replace your eefu)
2. A piece of cod fish (replace your typical steam fish)
3. Braised Pork knuckle (replace the roasted chicken)
4. Rich chocolate cake (replace Chinese desserts)

5. Cocoonmakeupandhair (10/10)
Hisa is.....amazing. I fell in love with her work right after the trial. She’s esp amazing with eye makeup, and great hairworks!
When I engaged her 1-2 years ago, she was still like the up and coming, so her rates were really really affordable. Not too sure abt now, but I still think she’s not charging very high for her quality of work.

She’s punctual (very impt) and perfectionist at work. More of her portfolio at her insta

I let the photos do the talking:

I love the colours she put on my face

Doesn’t look too overboard in photos

Her beautiful creation! 😍

Romantic low bun

W braids and loose strands

#dayrebrides #dayrebride

Missed out my VG review, see next page!

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Wednesday, 9 Jan 2019

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withloveqi (avatar)

withloveqi You got the same PG and MUA as my best friend haha! Btw, can you share the tb link for your kimono robe please?

4 months ago

Llwen (avatar)

Llwen Hello, can I check with you if you’ve received all your AD photos from Samuel? My wedding was in 10 Nov 18 and I’ve yet to receive any photos :(

4 months ago

jielinn (avatar)

jielinn @withloveqi They are the best imo (price and quality of work)😊 Here’s the link: https://m.tb.cn/h.3sb9Q25?sm=6c2321

4 months ago

jielinn (avatar)

jielinn @Llwen Hi! I’ve received all my AD from Samuel. Maybe you give him a nice nudge, understand from him December was overwhelmed w weddings maybe which caused the delay ☺️

4 months ago

Llwen (avatar)

Llwen Thank you for sharing!! Yea we heard from VG (they worked together) that we can only expect our photos mid Jan even though our wedding was in early Nov.. Will drop him a text to check!! Your photos are amazing!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜¬

4 months ago

jielinn (avatar)

jielinn Worth the wait hehe @Llwen share yours when you received! I’m sure it will look amazing as well 😍

4 months ago

withloveqi (avatar)

withloveqi Thank you!!!

4 months ago

kittyiskityee (avatar)

kittyiskityee I’ve engaged cocoon too! Really looking forward to see her working magic on me :)

4 months ago

jielinn (avatar)

jielinn @kittyiskityee if its Hisa doing for you, she’s good!

4 months ago

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