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June 2019

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First ever toy grabbed by me πŸ˜† Super Heng!!!!! First 2 tries of 2nd batch HAHA. And a family was so excited after us AND THEY CAUGHT 2 MIFFY AND I WAS SCREAMING WHEN THEY CAUGHT IT. I LITERALLY FELL TO THE FLOOR (damn dramatic but my heart was damn excited and weak)ONE GRAB GOT 2 LEH! WOW

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🍞πŸ₯“πŸ…πŸ³New profile pic yey looks like some atas person πŸ˜†

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Never really put any couple photos as wallpaper before but omg... IDK WHY BUT THIS PHOTO LOOKS SO NICEFreaking scared he fall down when running lol for that 10 seconds timer but 10sec quite long la LOL

Really need a getaway or smth :(Uugghhhhsssss

May 2019

Disgusted πŸ’―.

March 2019

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Taken by me It's damn nice if I say so myself haha

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