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The waves and wind still know His name

February 2019

Think I'm gonna have trouble sleeping the next 2 weeks

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Omg we are done with GDL!!!! That's one thing down many small things to stop worrying about!!! #dayrebrides #chinchowweds

January 2019

I actually feel mor guilt than sadness.I feel guilty cause i can't support my mother more. I can't contribute more to our wedding and house.Above everything, i feel most badly about how I can't contribute more and make everyone lives easierI still can't figure out why God let this happen to me. But I've read somewhere that God blesses everyone different. Chow said God always works for the greater good. So how sad I am i must still hope and believe.

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6th year dinner last night. I actually wanted to eat steak :( but oh well this was a surprise find. Fermrnted beancurd pork belly and garlic clams was nomzzzzzzzz.Pretty quiet place on a friday evening so very suitable for a date night😊

Wa nightmares bout the wedding are starting to haunt me#chinchowweds

Whoever created stupid wedding traditions 🤦‍♀️I hate all these stupid restrictive role that serves absolutely no purpose. It's so stupid to have to this cause oh traditions. Cause er seniority. What in the world.....#chinchowweds

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