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europe personal shopper

ello everyone

I'll be going over Europe from mid - end march, specifically to London and Paris!!

so I'm thinking of doing a bit of personal shopping for luxury goods for yall

cause ya la I love the feeling of spending money so make me feel good hahahahha

I'll be in

Paris - 20th-23rd March
London - 23rd-30th March

oh I'll also be going bicester village in london 🤭

I'll also be in Iceland and Manchester la, but doubt I can get anything special from there but just in case yall want LOLOL

prices comparison

SG prices

France prices (€1 = SGD1.55)

UK prices (£1 = SGD1.75)


Small - SGD6430
Medium - SGD6980
Large - SGD7769

Small - £3450 / SGD6037
Medium - £3750 / SGD6562
Large - £4170 / SGD7297

Small - €3850 / SGD5920
Medium - €4180 / SGD6437
Large - €4659 / SGD7161

These are the Chanel boy's price comparison.

So SG prices and Europe's prices 真的有差 🙃🙃🙃

and is 差很多 🤭🤭🤭 at least a good $500 for the boy???? whadafuck

so I thought it'll be great if I can help you save money by helping to buy + earn abit of money also la

prices will be according to the prices online (depending on the currency ah)

what I'll be earning will be the tax refunds for the big items,

and maybe abit of commission for the smaller items?? hehe

telegram me @ heyitsjiamin

#dayretravel #chanel #gucci #lv #celine #dayrebeauty #dayreshopping

ok kaypoh update yi xia my wishlist hehehehehe

I'm actually thinking of two options

option 1:
- LV Palm Spring Mini + Celine Micro Luggage

option 2:
- Chanel Medium Boy

I know the PSM is hard to find so I'm really not having much hope about it la

so I wanted to like... if I can find the PSM I'll get option 1, if I can't then I'll get option 2?????

but I'll be at Paris first so I really want to get my Chanel in Paris la so I can't go London to hunt for the PSM


this me in celine micro luggage

and ugh this bag has my heart I swear

everytime I see pictures of it... I died a lil


cause omg so chio, I almost got it immediately until I was reminded that I'm going Europe in 4 months (at that point of time) so no....... :(

but then again, I intend to use it as a work bag so I do have thoughts to buy second hand???? so still thinking ba

(anyone has a black GHW micro to sell do lmk!!!!!)

me chanel 😍😍😍😍😍

this is medium

and this is the small

I do think I look better in small???? (or do i)

but the thing is that, I got myself a gucci super mini marmont so I don't really wanna get another bag of similar holding capacity cause that's stupid of me LOLOL

so idk 😭😭😭😭

but this is my dream combi omg I'm so glad I managed to see it irl cause the previous time I went in, it wasn't in season I think

Chevron + RHW + Calf (I think)

ugh kill me

tiz my super mini love hehe

slip in one more recent photo

so I actually got a chanel cardholder last year (july) in vietnam when I went there with my company...

and when I went hongkong with my company in Jan....

I lost it.....


I just lost $500 shit lolol

I wasn't even concerned about the content (no cash, just IC and bank card) but omg my chanel

and it's my first chanel purchase so its extra precious 😭😭😭

but I bought travel insurance la so heng everything is claimable...

so I went to hk airport and (almost) bought a new one LOLOLOL

almost cause I actually said yes to the SA but my mentor came and told me to hurry cause flight is departing in 40mins, so the SA told me not to get it?????

and I was like oh well I can get it at a cheaper price in Europe so ok I'll wait LOL

Boy - SGD620
Classic - SGD500

Boy - €370 / SGD569
Classic - £300 / SGD462

Boy - £335 / SGD586
Classic - £275 / SGD481

^ This the price comparison for cardholder cause I extra :)

I also got a chanel earring in hk this trip 🤭🤭

ok this one abit pricey cause I was desperate le la

I went to 3 different chanel and they told me it wasn't in season.....

so I went to the last one at causeway bay and they actually also told me it wasn't in season


I was like "can I look at that one plz"

and end of the story ehehehehehhe

oooo cute oooo

ok end of my long stories LOL

so to sum it up, do contact me if yall want to get anything in Europe lol

if just want me to find it also can just tele me la, I also kaypoh lol

NO BRAND SPECIFIC HOR, doesnt have to be chanel heh I'm just using chanel as an example hehe

p.s. actually I'm thinking of helping with lush orders but omg my luggage LOLOL but can lmk also la I see how LOL

p.s.s. sorry but I dont think I'll be able to lug back all the boxes so no boxes ya! but anything not bulky is ok

p.s.s.s I'll be going bicester village (outlet in london) and they have quite a lot of brands there so can check their websites for specific brands you're looking for!!

e.g. balenciaga, bottega, celine, chloe, coach, dior, fendi, fossil, furla, givenchy, gucci, kenzo, kate spade, longchamp, michael kors, montblanc, mulberry, prada, saint lauren, ferragamo, tory burch, valentino, versace

lol ok these are the brands that I think I'll be looking out for so just some inspiration here

p.s.s.s.s. omg sorry so many ps but MOST likely the stuffs would be bought in London so do look at the UK prices!!!

cause I'll only be in Paris for 1.5 full day (I'm going Disneyland on the other day wheeeeeee) so I'm not sure if I have the time to look for them!!

and on the other hand, I'll be in London for alot alot days and staying near Selfridges soooo 🤭🙂🤭🙂🤭🙂

Day 39

Friday, 8 Feb 2019

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theblacktofu (avatar)

theblacktofu i prefer the size of the small too!

5 months ago

luxistar (avatar)

luxistar Size small looks good!!

5 months ago

jiaminjonas (avatar)

jiaminjonas @theblacktofu @luxistar nuuuuuu but so smallllll

5 months ago

nody_meow (avatar)

nody_meow Medium looks good too!! I voted for medium boy instead of psm.. its all abt bag fate, hope u can get ur fate during ur trips

5 months ago

ellenxxxo (avatar)

ellenxxxo Hah travel insurance can let you claim the value of your chanel cardholder back????

5 months ago

jiaminjonas (avatar)

jiaminjonas @nody_meow ahhh hopefully!!! thank u hehe

5 months ago

jiaminjonas (avatar)

jiaminjonas @ellenxxxo ahhh I'm still waiting for the final results of the claim! but I've done before claims for $300+ so the cardholder is within the claimable value so it should be claimable!!

5 months ago

redlightdistrik (avatar)

redlightdistrik omg tempting... but you not scared kena taxed in sg airport meh!!!

5 months ago

jiaminjonas (avatar)

jiaminjonas @redlightdistrik ahhh I'm gonna declare 😅😂

5 months ago

BunnyBombx (avatar)

BunnyBombx hello! the chanel boy in chevron is avail in sg stores? I went to NAC 2 weeks ago and it was oos 😖

5 months ago

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