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here's a summary of my 2018


went on my first (plane) overseas trip with my agency to thailand - huahin / bangkok

had a good time knowing more people, deeply.

viewed more sunrises

(really wanted to see a sunrise in every country - yes im just such a sunrise person so here's to +1 in thailand)

unicornish skies


actually bleached and dyed this color which was actually a big jump for me, given that I've never actually went into a salon to get my hair dyed lolol

+ bleaching omg, i was so afraid that my dad would kill me cause yknow traditional parents but oo i didnt die

also received my first official award in GE as the top intern wheehoo

so i got myself a stayca + a trip to europe hehe πŸ’Ž

also celebrated my 22nd birthday on the same day heh


whee to my first europe trip (and many more to come hopefully)

a super super super good splendid wonderfu 15 days there, and i love every moment of it


kisiao and dyed my hair (with etude's temporary dye) purple / red?????

and omg this lasted super long i was so scared to go back to work

oh apr - may was my break from work because i went for a study break for my finals heh

it wasnt THAT bad after it faded a little and i kinda actually like like it quite abit heh


met someone i wanted to call love, but i guess we ended up meeting at a wrong time

may also meant the official end of my uni life so yay bye student life


and also the start of my full time life

erm another hair story but also changed my hair color to this sorta dream hair color (also self dyed so 不错了)

also met love when he was in sg for the filming of his movie

also watched part 2 of my ALL TIME FAV childhood movie :')

had my half-annual trip to the beach and it was wonderful

also got my first tiffany hehe πŸ’Ž


also started july by meeting my korea love lol sigh i sarang u oppa

finally finally finally got my dream marmont series γ… γ… 

always wanted this series as a bag (got the wallet alr) but something about the mini / small size is just weird that i cant seem to buy it

but i realised they actually had the super mini version

and told myself this was it :') #gucci

always wanted to visit vietnam so thank u laoban for taking in my suggestion and bringing us there πŸ’•

and i got my first black box sigh my heart 😭😭😭😭

sowwie one more photo cause this is my top 10 buys in 2018 so it deserves to be here lol


aug also marks my slimmest moment of my life lol

and i also got addicted to pubg with my frans

so addicted that we played every single night dafug

and so glad and thankful i managed to meet many nice and cute friends ❀

oh my first branded shades from AES


actually sept still quite skinny

random JB trips πŸ’Ž

random pic of me thinking what to do with life after being cheated to spending $80 for 4 marc jacob tiny perfume


um update of my white shoes collection as of oct

with adidas falcon being the newest addition hehe

also got to finally meet munnie for the first time - my lil fighter ❀

oh lord ill never picture myself getting an ipad but i did

cause of work zz

omg black black hair halps

oh i got to be no-face this halloween hahahahahahaha

oh and my weird friends too


always wanted a pretty bling bling pen and finally got it hehe


also randomly decided to do my eyebrow embroidery so i did it lol

abit overkill but my first treat to laoban πŸ’•πŸ’•

my first recruit

it took me ALOT to actually ask her to join and all the subsequent things

and even after joining, it was so so so difficult for me physically and mentally because you aren't just any other colleague, and that i really wanted you to do well

let's do well

and nov marks the completion of my first official run of convention

and im so thankful i managed to complete it despite taking time off for school


and 2d1n dec with this lovely hehe

and my second of my semi annual beach trip

also got myself a new toy as a christmas present hehe

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