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Day 3 - Keto Diet

First meal of the day 12.15pm

Fried pork slices


5 pieces of raw salmon
One pack of enokitake mushroom
3 pieces of mushrooms
A few pieces of lettuce


8 pieces of homemade meatballs

Big thanks to Jia Pey for dinner ❤️🙆🏻‍♀️

Feel like today is such an eventful day. Went to the doctor for my final follow up.

Bought my sashimi for lunch and salmon slice for the coming meals.

Got flowers for Amelia and sher. Because why not? Feel like getting some flowers for myself to just bless myself.

The red rose with black wrapping was for Amelia ❤️

Here’s the flower I got for sher

Both flowers are from 50gram and it comes with free Mamonde toner!

Mood of the day: 5 stars

Summary: It was overall a good day. I just need a few weeks more to heal and the scar will be gone. Need to learn more about the keto diet. Jia pey was the one who introduce it to me. Apparently I’m not eating enough fat and she recommended me to eat more butter 😯 still not used to having so much fat in a meal. Hopefully results will show from this diet. Can’t wait to lose the weight.

Waist - 90 cm
Lower waist - 97cm
Butt - 116cm
Chest - 104cm

Day 304

Wednesday, 31 Oct 2018

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