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updated 4 months ago

Reusable water balloons!

Supervising my new cleaner 😝

Burst a small blood vessel near my second metacarpal phalange joint. I’m not so hardcore leh 😝

Can’t really see the needles but I did acupuncture on a hypersensitive dog, he’s really bad with needles so it was a good start. Fear free handling by his mum, constantly giving high value treats at the head end. I am also not always poking him, alternating between pats and Acupuncture

G will look so cute in a turtle neck jumper! But SG is too hot!

Want to buy these pjs for him but all out of stock!

Then got my little helper to model the dog Dino outfit 😂
This little man has grown so much. Much more reasonable and the rate of crazy tantrums has tapered down, fingers crossed!

And Julianna, my gosh she has been such a star lately. Helpful, sweet and accommodating. My heart almost burst with happiness when her teacher told me how attentive and kind she’s been. Keep shining my stars.

Day 86

Wednesday, 27 Mar 2019

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mrsergul (avatar)

mrsergul Ju is a sweetie! glad to hear the little man is becoming a big boy!

4 months ago

jessie41 (avatar)

jessie41 Thank you @mrsergul! Gotta enjoy it while it lasts 😝

4 months ago

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