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Hello all! I am back on Dayre again!

Would like to touch on a popular topic that the whole world is aware about,


With all the rave about how plastic straws are harmful to the environment and causing a threat to marine life. Saw the video about single use plastic straws stuck in the sea turtle nostrils?

Before I continue, I would like to add that this are my personal opinion + references from the articles that I have read.

Basically why I am writing about this is because i am one of the "victim" that is been given the responsibility to source for environmentally paper straws and wooden cutlery to make my company more sustainable due to a petition written by someone. Not going to say the name but if you all did any petition about straw free thingy then you all would know.

So i was being forced to research on all the type of ecofriendly products and compare the price and advantage/disadvantage of using it.

As I research deeper, I realise reusable glass/metal straws and eco friendly paper straws aren't that sustainable at all.

**6.50pm: just left my office, i am so stress but dont want to stay in the office any longer**
Going to meet T for dinner today,


As I was saying earlier on, I found out that plastic straws are easier to produce compare to paper and metal straws which allow them to be price competitively and most importantly, use lesser fuel and what not.

And who say that only metal straws can be reusable? Plastic straws can be reuse too if you have the motivation to wash it and reuse.

I still remember the good old days when my mum would bring home the straws that we use at macdonald to wash it for us to reuse when we need it. And we can reuse it alottt of times, until the next time we visit macdonald again (for your info, we seldom eat macdonald last time, we view it as a luxury)

Day 253

Monday, 10 Sep 2018

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